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Featured 1299 It’s Finally Here….panigale R

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by Marc.r1, May 30, 2024.

  1. Well after much internet searching, forum stalking and asking dumb questions the new toys are here.hell of a weekend….lol

    Thanks to Brett and Cookster for all their patience and it’s been a real pleasure to meet you both.

    im know the proud owner of a Panigale R Gen 2.

    Ive only had a had a little ride and it’s lovely. Can’t wait for more rides as hopefully the weather improves but I’m already smitten. My other Italian lady now gets a well deserved rest with a good going over.

    Some potential things I’m looking to get.
    1. Dark screen
    2. Integrated rear light
    3. Carbon clutch cover or clear one
    4. Seat.

    Need to do some more research and find a place that sells these, currently struggling. Also need to get a paddock stand and wheel nut as it’s a bit bigger than I’m used to……lol



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  2. Congratulations, lovely looking bike!
  3. Well done mate, your love it.
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  4. If you do 3.b your head will mysteriously appear on a stake outside an Italian factory in Bologna. Many, many people would say rightly so too.

    But congratulations nevertheless. :upyeah:
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  5. Haha…but I like seeing things moving..
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  6. Lovely bike! But dark screen and clear cluth cover???‽????????
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  7. Is there a certain site Peaple use for Ducati Performance parts, I am struggling to find stuff for the Pani R
  8. Just call JHP and speak to Buzz, he will empty your wallet.
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  9. That is a beautiful bike congratulation, looking at your list of upgrades I have a comfort seat if you are Looking to upgrade. Feel free to msg me if you are interested.

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  10. Please please don't fit a clear clutch cover mate.
    (Though it's your bike so what you want)

    You just have to look about for parts, the R is unique but some standard 1199 parts do fit.
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  11. Okay, might not fit the clear cover just need to find the carbon cover most seem to have as that’s what I wanted to start with. I’ve seen the R&G offering and that what I normally fit to my bikes for protection.
    So want a screen but might get a clear (peer pressure eh) only because the dark might not look right with the white number board.
    Also I like my head where it is….lol
  12. Make sure you get some rim tape though ...
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  13. Using the force I think i detect sarcasm….lol
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  14. Think my best mod was the end cans, the up map has made it it sooooo much smoother.
  15. How many available driving license points have you,..
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  16. Enjoy mate.looking good.
  17. Could you please give me a shout on the seat if Marc does not want it.Cheers.I had one ordered but gone missing at the moment.
  18. Sure no problem
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