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  1. Had V4s first service yesterday at DMC stoke and they fitted the akra for me, I thought that the bike was good with the standard exhaust but OMG the akra makes so much difference, it seems to run better and the noise on gear change is unreal, I wasnt expecting it, god bless the autoblipper o_O just need to try to keep my licence now which is not going to be easy..
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  2. Done 1500 miles now and absolutely loving it :upyeah:
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  3. 2000 miles on mine now cant believe how good this bike is makes a half decent rider so much better im so glad i traded the 1299s in for it
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  4. Never got a chance to ride mine with the stock system on it. I took the Diavel out yesterday and found it almost un rideable. The difference between the engines was jaw dropping. I'm on the fence if I want to sell the 1299 or not.
  5. ive no regrets 2500 miles in. the bike has character in a different way to the 1299 I had. the engine noise on stock cans is great and when it swaps to two cylinders at low speeds/revs it makes you smile.ive got the stock v4 and its much better to ride in every way than the twin.i cant say I miss the twin and that was awesome but the v4 is even more awesome.
  6. I picked mine up yesterday and only managed a measly 60 miles with the weather not looking so great.

    I still have some very mixed feelings about this bike as I'm comparing it to the Panigale R which was really a very special bike. I also haven't had the chance to ride this bike as such with new tires and being restricted to 6000 rpm.

    Very strange goings on with the stock exhaust engine note depending on where you have the throttle sometimes it almost muffles itself completely. Like the butterfly valve has no in-between function, but more like off/on.

    I also find the black plastics very cheap and sh*t to be honest. Mould lines all over them, no real thought to the design, like the chain guards, especially the lower, just not a great finish.

    Some of the fixes to issues like foil tape just tie-wrapped over the rear brake line and sensor cable is really just half arsed.

    Finding myself just ever so slightly let down and disappointed at the moment.
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  7. So the best part about the V4 is when it turns into a V2? :)
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  8. Yes but as with most owners, you'll probably end up ditching all the stock plastic shite anyway Mutt! I'm about to return my 1299S back to stock and aiming to pick my V4S up in October. I tend to agree that with the current crop of bikes coming out of Bologna, they are let down by the smaller details, which is why mine is destined for a major makeover when I get my hands on it. Already purchased the engine mount, so I can strip it down. First job is to box up all the black plastic junk and cerakote the frame and swingarm once they come off.
  9. I’m still working my way around the bike, getting my head around it. Forgive my negativity, there is a lot I like. But it just really lacks the polish of the last generation. But as you say, quick fix.

    I like the riding position immensely, actually a selling point for me. Also the handling, you can almost compare the way it turns to a monster 1200r which I test rode prior to the V4. I have to say it as well, I like the electronic suspension on this one. It really does feel good and you can feel it working, love that. The dash, menus and settings etc. are also immense, plenty of twiddling to be done there
  10. I like the engine tone when the sound actually nearly disappears its weird but as I had the noisey arse akras on the v2 I find it novel having a quiet point.
    plastics fantastic bikes are all crap if you think about it, but that's how superbikes are. don't think plastic is a selling point but as we all know we can cabon fibre everything if that's what you like,
    sticking to 6k running in was a bloody pain but it was on the 1299.
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  11. Coming from the full Akro’d 1299S to the V4S with stock cans is taking some getting used to...
    Just hearing wind noise above a certain speed is shite, I keep thinking I need an aftermarket system on this soon.

    However, not all is lost!
    It’s so flickable compared to the 1299 and in the mid speed twisties you can run it in 2nd and 3rd gear and let it rev out and it’s glorious, absolutely love it :)
  12. I'm very interested in hearing about the differences between the V2 and the V4/V4S.

    Having shied away from looking at them over the past year I now feel myself drawn more and more to the V4S. I need to try one I think.
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  13. You do. Try one. The power is astonishing. As you probably know, I’ve got a 1098R which is a bloody fast and explosive bike. But the V4S is truly next level fast. It just keeps charging where the 1098R might start tailing off. But don’t get me wrong, the 1098R is ballistic low down whereas the V4S electronics keeps things quite civilised- until you dig into the rev range in or after 3rd gear. Then all hell breaks loose. The V4S is a very fast bike.
    I had a short pootle with it on the road and it felt very civilised and compliant. Unlike the 1098R, which I found an awful road bike. Heavy clutch, long 1st gear made for shite riding in or around town. Fast A road and it’s fantastic. The V4S is very much ‘do it all’ I really like it.
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  14. For the love of god don't take your bank card........
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  15. Good advice that.
  16. :D
  17. A friend of mine who has one has just texted me with his take on his V4S.................

    "Hi Tel. I really like my bike. It rides good in traffic on the 2 lower settings and practically impossible in race mode. It handles like nothing else and cornering feels different to the 959 but once used to it, it’s amazing. I need to take it to the track because you cannot ride this thing more than 60% of what it’s capable of on the road without being reckless.
    I have a bit more wrist issues than I did with the 959 but it could be I just haven’t ridden enough too. It’s quite mental to think how fast it is. For a straight up street bike, I actually think the 959 is “better”. Due to price and ride-ability. But owning a V4S is quite something. They’re bringing out an R version next year. 1000cc for homologation. But they say it’ll be faster again. Probably if you’re Casey Stoner but not for any normal mortal. If you can afford it then yeah do it, otherwise stick with the 959 for a bit longer."

    Apologies for his English but he is a Kiwi :)
  18. He's right. Only ever had mine in 'race' mode. It was too stiff for the road but it's for the track predominantly. Whatever I get my hands on I turn all parameters to max. Only puffs ride/drive about with softened power settings. What's the point in riding around in puff mode? And rain, ice, snow is no excuse. Take the Hummer if the weathers shite.
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  19. agree most men have a good right wrist at our age haha. so controlling the power with it can be done. in the old days when I had the lengendary gsr1100g thats all you had and your wits. you could say all vehicle manufacturers are acting like a Nanny state wrapping us all in cotton wool.
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  20. Why was it unrideable?