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Italian V4

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by t3scn, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. So after a issue with my 999r gearbox and reflecting on the ever growing rarity of parts I decided a number two bike was in order.

    After some careful consideration and number crunching my man maths made buying a 2015-on Aprilia RSV4 RF a good investment ;)

    Some shopping around found me a stock 2017 bike with tiny mileage and a bargain price (after haggling). Collected it today and went for a spin...

    6DA3A103-2F5D-4D72-B6D9-64EC67D6A44E.jpeg 4A5838D9-9491-40E7-9757-D3098E91EA6E.jpeg 533FA6E3-AAA4-48D2-B269-463705A776BF.jpeg E06628C7-8F75-4B69-A2C5-2EA6DBB26BE3.jpeg

    ... sweat Jesus... it’s rapid and the chassis is hugely confidence inspiring. There is no doubt that it’s going to be a quick track hack :cool:
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  2. Very nice mate - enjoy
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  3. Yeah, I like them :):upyeah: And you're right, they can shift! My mate's got one and we went to Almeria together. Enjoy!
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  4. Cracking bike mate
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  5. enjoy
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  6. If your after a V4 that's the one to have enjoy
  7. Lovely bikes and handle like a dream but they don't like high revs. My advice would be to set the rev limiter lower, keep the gearing quite high and to ride it on the torque unless you have deep pockets.
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  8. Question is, will we see it on track Simon?
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  9. Thanks all for your comments.

    Thanks, the 2017 on model had a fairly significant engine revision that changed the characteristics of the engine. Lighter internals, increased rev limit, removal of the variable intakes and other tweaks across the bike.

    It’s much more rev hungry and really picks up at the top end. That said no guarantee against something going wrong.

    @Paul55 you can bet on it!
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  10. Ha ha! There is a worrying increase in horse power going on here and I am at the bottom of the heap.
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  11. TBF he had plenty in the 'old' 999 ;)
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  12. @bradders has a point ;)

    I would love to just stick with the 999 but the cost of maintenance and parts are getting ££££. Something more current is therefore needed :bucktooth::joy:
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  13. Electronics work ace on those too apparently. #fullapexgas
  14. My wife politely asked me recently if my race shop did a loyalty card.... I think she may be on to me....
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  15. All I can tell you so far is that on the road the electronics are flashing non-stop! :astonished:

    I need to get it on track to wind them back and manage it the old fashioned way.
  16. what colour is it????:punch:;)
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  17. Who knows.. :joy:
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  18. That looks real nice mate, There something else, I love my Tuono, Handling and electronics are top notch,
    A ffing car overtaken a lorry on blind bend near wiped me out yesterday :mad: Ive just fitted a cam to her today, Pitty I hadn't fitted it before now though, Take it easy mate
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  19. Are you at Cartagena this winter Paul?
  20. I did the same wrt my 749R and 1299
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