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Italian V4

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by t3scn, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. You may notice the rises a bit more with lots more power...get that damper ramped up :upyeah:
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  2. Yeah, the R would lift off as you come down off it but the Ape is seems to want to go skyward at any opportunity :laughing:
  3. You need wings :p
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  4. Portimao in June!!?? How bloody hot was it??:sun::sweat::sun::sweat::sun:

    I thought I'd muller my lap times on the V4S straight away. But didn'to_O I do now but it took a few outings to get going. I was probably terrified of binning it. But now I'm relaxed with it, I'm significantly quicker than I was on my 1098R.
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  5. Mine came up so quick over the crest on the start finish straight that it caught me out and I had to shut the throttle! That was 4th gear at probably 140+.

    My bike showed 183 on gps on the start finish straight with a strong headwind.
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  6. Ha ha, yeah- I watched a few impromptu 150mph wheelies from pit lane....
  7. You've let yourself go mate...:D
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  8. I don’t think the other half would be happy knowing that photo is on the internet o_O

    This captured my better side ;)

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  9. Back to the bike....

    Just returned from Portimao, the bike went well. I did struggle at times to keep on it as the thing just wants to wheelie everywhere, which makes for a lively lap. I managed to push on to better my PB by 300th's of a second which was a little disappointing but when I consider that it was the first time I have really been on track I'm happy with the result (1:56:10).

    Observations from riding on track are:
    • Seat is very tall: You sit on the bike rather than in it. Which is very different to the 999r and therefore I found it difficult to get the right body position, hopefully, the thinner seat with the race fairings will help this.
    • Brakes are wank: Even with the ABS off and better pads (Z04's) they are too soft, lack bite and the leaver comes back to the bar after you push on hard. Fluid fresh and better pads helped this but not enough.
    • Suspension is soft: The TTX kit isn't bad but needs work, it's on the softer side of things despite some adjustment/setup for my weight and style, it provides compliance but the forks crash around when flipping from side to side. Need to look at this in more detail.
    • Clearance: I ran the standard rear sets as I had issues with the exhaust fowling them before leaving. Anyhow, I managed to ground out the pegs, shift leaver and side of the exhaust at reasonable lean. So need to look at where I can improve this without upsetting the balance of the bike.
    Overall it's a rapid bit of kit, really worked well on track and considering it's essentially straight out of the box with no major changes Aprilia have nailed it IMO.

    DSC08517.jpg portimao_2057.jpg portimao_2485.jpg portimao_2802.jpg DSC06962.jpg
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