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It's Going! (or Maybe Not...)

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by jimmer, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. From my experience (M900 & ST4) yellow topped relays - probably your starter relay - go bad and get temperamental, on my Monster I sometimes had to turn the key 2 or three times before the dash lights came on (removing the seat sometimes helped too?)
  2. Cheers for the pointers guys, will have a look. Lights all come on with a turn of the key, just not turning over on the button.
  3. Starter solenoid should be fine then :upyeah: rules that one out
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  4. The starter solenoid is on a different circuit from the lights and auxiliaries. Im not 100 sure on a 600, but I would imagine its underneath the airbox on the right hand side like my 900. They do wear out and the symptoms you describe, that would be my first port of call. Do you hear a click everytime you press the button? Thats the solenoid switch. Next time you try to start it and it doesnt, bridge the two large poles on the starter solenoid with a screwdriver, if the motor turns over, its that switch. If you say its regularly not starting then a simple test like this will tell you for sure if its that.
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  5. Ignition solenoid I should have said
  6. It was always the top fuse on my 750ss.
    Making sure it was completely flat is what finally cured it.
  7. Just picked this thread up and i'm so glad I did.

    I have EXACTLY the same issues with my 900SS, not running in horizontal cylinder, popping banging and farting like a trooper.

    Carbs have been meticulously taken apart cleaned and rebuilt, jets, gaskets, needles and emulsion tubes replaced, coils, leads, plugs, and ignitor boxes replaced with an ignitech unit, the only thing i haven't done is swapped the pick up coil wires for front cylinder over, bearing in mind these were replaced too.

    Ill give this a go this weekend. here's hoping!
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  8. If theres an important lesson I have learned with my SS, ignition problems can appear to be carb problems, and vice versa!
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  9. Glad to provide some inspiration / assistance. Persistence is key and once you do get the bike running half decent it seems to be the case that they improve with a few miles of running.

    One issue I had after I’d rebuilt the carbs first time around was that I hadn’t synced them on the bench so when I fitted them to the bike the running was pretty poor and often just on one cylinder.

    Good luck with the project!
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  10. It was just old fuel, picked up a gerry can of fresh juice, drained the bowls, filled her up and started immediately. A little rough to start with but the more I rode the bike the better it got. Now that I've got it all running and in a fairly decent state I think I'll put some miles on it and prepare it for sale. It's a lovely bike to ride but realistically I'd rarely choose it over the 748 and I've just purchased something very cheap and cheerful for my 4 mile commute. Condition wise the bike is at the stage where it's tidy enough to use regularly without feeling too precious about it, there's nothing more I'd want to do without doing a full rebuild and I just don't have the time and resources to do that.
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  11. For what it's worth, I've owned my 750SS from new, (1994 model) & still have it.
    Things I've come to realise with this bike are,

    It's not a Japanese bike !!
    By that I mean you can't just leave it in the garage for months & expect it to start first time like a Japanese bike will, (I have a Japanese bike too so I do know). I know some will claim you can. but my experience says differently !
    There are more than likely many mods that can be done to this series of bikes to improve things, I do not dispute this.

    It most certainly DOES NOT like running in cold weather, it's a warm summer weather bike.
    It will splutter even when it appears to be fully up to temperature after a long run in anything like cold weather !

    Ideally you need a few bikes as no one bike is best at all things !
    There may be bikes that excel in one or more areas, but not all areas !

    The V-twin motor is very susceptible to having the correct final drive chain tension, far more so than a multi-cylinder bike.
    Too loose a chain & it's snatchey & gear changes are clunky.

    I have a few things I do/have done, to cure poor starting issues I used to have.
    Turn the fuel off with the tap under the tank & run the carbs dry before putting it away & I fitted new coils from someone on here. My bike starts really well now no matter how long it's been left !

    Despite all this I do love going out on my 750SS. It's small, narrow, light, bright red & on a sunny day round Jodrell Bank roads it's loverly to ride.

    I think perseverance is the key to Ducati ownership, stick with it & it can make all those annoying little things seems like "character", almost like a badge of honour that you've overcome adversity !!
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  12. My '96 M900 used to suffer from carb freezing on cold mornings, if you leave it for 3 weeks it won't start without battery top up and if you leave for longer you will need to drain the carb float bowls :upyeah:
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  13. My 900ss is susceptible to carb icing when the ambient temperature is below 6 degrees, especially if the air is damp, as I understand it it’s because when you open the throttle there is a pressure drop in the carb which creates a temperature drop and ice crystals form, what I can’t figure is why my M900 doesn’t do it, same everything but regardless of temperature I can crack the throttle open and get no issues (oil carb warmers are disconnected), strange.
  14. I just rode my monster in warmer weather :D never had carb warmers fitted, you'd have thought the SS fairing would trap more engine heat than the open monster - maybe it draws heat away better?

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