Ive Been Caught Speeding...excuses!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by andyb, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. when you fell to your knees, did you pass out for a few minutes and wake up with a funny taste in your mouth....may explain the let off ;)
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  2. @bradders ...I’m laughing my bits off here! Funny though...now you mention it.....
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  3. Did he mention poor obs :thinkingface:
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  4. I did get pulled in France, having seen blue lights way behind me and approaching a village i slowed to 30mph. He cut me up(there were 6 of us,butci was leader) and waved his arms about. He was telling me i was going to fast at 180-230 kph. I said nothing. He looked at me and asked if we were British police on holiday, i just shrugged my shoulders in a Gallic fashion, he asked up to slow down a bit and said goodbye. Ok i did not use the old bill excuse, but he served it up on a plate.
  5. You should have offered to do a handstand DB, I bet that would have worked
  6. Tell the copper your ex ran off with a policeman and you thought he was trying to give her back.
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  7. You need to get the boobs out @Ducbird , they can’t see up your skirt from a standing position unless you start Basic Instincting it !
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  8. Those boys have some Gucci gear. A couple of lads got shot with a machine gun in Iraq in an armoured car from about 5-10m and got away with it. The bullets bounced off the armoured glass in front of the drivers face!
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  9. You got done for speeding on a 250 Superdream! I’m impressed
  10. Now that would be fun! Hope the driver then proceeded to flick the v’s whilst feigning huge belly laughs :joy:
  11. and the camchain broke outside my front door. Had my bike test the next day, had to borrow a mates ratty tiger cub , ergo failed.
  12. I was tryouts my tobget home for the World Cup final

    Trouble is, if English, they’d know you’re lying
  13. It did for me...
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  14. I’m sure my luck will run out at some point but empathy and good manners have always done me well. Last night on the way back from Brighton was another good example... :sweat::innocent:

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  15. I got stopped on the way back from Brighton 3 years back .
    I was doing 90 ish and saw a k1300? Up ahead who was doing about the same, I caught up and we nodded at each other.
    I chopped it down and thrashed it to max speed, he followed.
    There wasn't alot of traffic at all but a few cars that all moved over apart from one.. I gave it a good 20 seconds sitting behind him then undertook him.
    That' s when the blue BMW ( who had now been following me for 6 miles ) lit it up.
    Undercover cop...
    He' said he had filmed me for the last 2 miles at an average speed of 114. He noted that I was going faster but as it had started raining and we hit some traffic I had slowed some. . And he hadn' t recorded earlier.
    Said he wasn' t even gunna pull me if it weren't for the undertake (which he understood but couldn' let slide).
    He asked why I was doing those speeds and I told him I had recently finished building the bike and pretty much wanted to wring it' s neck. I apologised for my stupidity and for wasting his valuabe time.
    We then spent the next 15 mins going overy the finer points of my bike and talking bikes in general .
    He issued me a nip and said due to the speed it would be a court hearing and to expect a summons.. nothing ever came of it!!!
    Moral of the story, beware of blue bmw's on the 23...
  16. Back in the 90’s I got stopped coming off a dual carriageway at 76mph on a VFR750. It was a fair bust & I was fearing the worst. However apart from a lecture about how my girlfriends “beautiful” legs would be ruined if I’d come off at that speed & how she really shouldn’t wear heels “like that” on a motorcycle, I got let off. Nowadays I could have done the copper for inappropriate behaviour or some other sexual innuendo I s’pose but it was definitely a let off cos plod was perving on my missus
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  17. It turns out that those in the Hampshire Constabulary are fecking awesome. :D:p
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