Januhairy - What Do We Think?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by AirCon, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Buffed for me.
  2. Are you saying your requirement is buffed or that you are offering buffed.
  3. So what we are saying if this lady turned up with her day of the triffids,she would be rejected:thinkingface:: unamused:
  4. She’d be offered a fannycure and a buffing :)
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  6. With a honey smear final coating lovingly licked into place!
  7. Middle one please :)
  8. I'd lick her arsehole (and other things)!
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  9. I take what i can get....i aint fussed!
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  10. A lot of cleanly shaved men I imagine on this thread
    Nothing worse than a hairy arse :D
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  11. :innocent:
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  12. He's ok ( @Exige ) in small doses, but it's the googly eyes that become annoying. ...:astonished:
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  13. Their bushes spell Viv :thinkingface:
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  14. I'm as smooth as a freshly greased dolphins beak ;):p
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  15. I would suggest extreme caution and doing so when you're alone, when you type into the guggle, male pubic grooming.
  16. upload_2019-1-9_21-55-23.jpeg
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