V4 Jhp V4 Pdi Photos...

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  1. Here's a couple more of the battery compartment with the tankcover off. Certainly tightly packed in there!

    battery compartment 1.jpg battery compartment 2.jpg
  2. PDI = public display of ignition?
  3. 148D394C-DA68-4BC5-8BF1-32C2470EAD63.jpeg 2C5508AA-2878-4EF8-9308-53AFAF2118A4.jpeg 2E1DB9CC-4D8B-4327-9CEE-64405C876DA8.jpeg 8072DFB6-92B6-4376-93E0-BB8862871F12.jpeg Some photos from JHP tonight. It’s a fantastic piece of engineering.
  4. Air filter is in front of the headstock behind a rubber boot. Easy change.

    Fuel tank under the seat.

    Rear sets fixed to the swing arm spindle ends.

    Bigger radiators than V twin Panigale to aid cooling.

    Three levels of launch control and if you mess the launch up three times it locks you out to save the clutch.

    Suspension can be semi active it locked to the riders settings.

    Side stand is a work of art.
  5. Continued .....
    Looks like its been rear ended
    Dash like a games console
    Sounds awful with standard pipes,but sounds like a twin
    Side profile is very busy,stop start stop start
    Looks better from the front
    Looks very long
    Rear hugger looks wrong
    Front mudguard is Japanese
    But I am sure it will ride great
    Not impresses at all,so I ordered 2 :)

    Currys on the way home from Jhp last night
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  6. Roughly the same shape as the rsv4...
  7. Be interesting once these things start to need maintenance.....if I'm putting the tank back on the rsv4 I have to be crackerjack with the wiring (everything has to be tie wrapped and pinned down) otherwise the tank won't go on...
  8. Do all ducati dealers have them today?....was wondering if riders had them in yet so I can go take a gander...
  9. Think they may have, seems a lot (well rapido, snells, aylesbury) have a V4 open day today
  10. Hmmmm....so its either strip down the dishwasher and clean it out or.....go and have a look at the new v4....its a tough one...
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  11. Think Dave is over there this morning with the south west ducatisti fellas too....
  12. Think Dave is over there this morning with the south west ducatisti fellas too....
  13. I'll pop over later on then....hyper hsnt been used for a few weeks...perfect reason to turn the engine over...
  14. Exactly what I was saying last night to some friends. As an engineering piece it looks outstanding, but it doesn’t appeal to me visually like the 1098/Pani did. It strangely looks a bit unfinished. Hard to explain. More like a model than a motorbike.
  15. It was " suggested " I take this dishwasher option first...look at the engineering on that!

  16. It does look 'finished' though, which i'm not sure the V twin Panis ever did.
  17. Not when you look at the extra panels thrown on the side. I don’t know. It is still a lovely bike, but right now it just doesn’t seem right to me. The nice looks like it was left too close to the fire and as a result doesn’t seem as sharp as it should be. The whole bike doesn’t flow quite so well. Just a personal thing. Maybe it will grow as you see more about...?
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  18. Those panels are there for noise reduction i suspect. That label on the frame says 107db at 6500 rpm. Not exactly quiet as it is,.

    I can definitely see Ducati making a Streetfighter V4 this time.
  19. I saw it in Italia Moto yesterday, I am the other way round, loved the photos, looks amazing, and i’m sure it will be an awsome piece of machinery .... but .... in the flesh it just didnt do it for me
  20. And as always with Ducati art, it doesn't work.

    I have trouble kicking it down as its caught between the rearsets. And this was with trainers and not full motorcycle boots.

    Picking mine up in a week or two anyway but still- don't like to use my hands to get the sidestand to come down. No such issues either on the ducati 999, 1098, 1199, desmo either...