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Just Bought This.

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Drinky, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Long story really but I sold the 1098 in order to fund a new car (6.3 AMG C63) because although I loved it to bits I'd ridden it twice (both times to Oxford to avoid the traffic hell) since the new year and though I'd manage without a superduperfastasfuck road bike as I've still got the 450 KTM enduro and my 79 RD250. Anyway got a price on the Duke last Thursday and on Saturday bought this. Lots to be done with it, like getting rid of the rear mud guard and fitting a tail tidy. Fitting louder cans and the Triumph nose cone with lower clip ons.
    Its obviously a little more pedestrian than the Duke but its certainly no slouch off the line, topping out at an indicated 130. ABS TC and three different maps, good amount of info from the dash but probably the best bit is the comfort which is good.
    This was the demonstrator which came in £700 cheaper than a new one with 700 miles on it. Reason I went for the demo is that the waiting list for the R is up to September at the moment. Every conceivable upgrade is either on back order or not available as they have exceeded Triumphs expectations.
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  2. Where's that oil coming from?
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  3. Hopefully thats a thing of the past.
  4. Yep........I was looking at this one the other day............just thought it looked good......2004 6300miles £3995.

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  5. Yeah roger, never mind the bike how you liking the AMG?? Borrowed my mates the other week. Effin loved it, you can't beat a NA V8/12..... Great fun, back end kicks out for fun, woooo....
  6. Driven it twice mate, actually picking it up on Friday from the dealership. Both test drives have been 'fun', its awsome, the pick up is instant as long as the roads are dry otherwise theres a bit of slippage. The noise when it fires up from cold sends shivers down my spine. I've got the AMG 45 which for a turbo'd 2 ltr is fricking quick (4.2 0-60) but its just not a touch on the 63.
  7. He he, enjoy. You definitely get a lot of car for the money. My pal paid 33k for his. It's effin gorgeous. It's 3 years old and 18k miles, it looks brand new inside and out. And as you say, the sound of a NA V8/12 gives an eargasm. Erm, we wont mention mpg though....
  8. Agree, mines on a 63 plate with just over 20,000 miles and its £35,000 baring a quid from a Merc dealer. Thats some depreciation. My mates had one but he's now got an E63 bi turbo and although its putting out over 500 bhp he reckons he'd go back to the C at the drop of a hat.
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  9. £3,500?! Mega bargain ;)
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  10. Think a Thruxton R is on my wish list ..... Dealers selling demo's already !! They're selling themselves at the moment, they probably don't need a demo bike....
  11. Great stuff, I loved the demo I test rode :)

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  12. They certainly are, like I said theres 3 month wait for a new order at the moment. Think the standart Thruxton is a little easier to get but the better conponentry for only an extra £1,600 makes the R a no brainer. Just wish I could get the tail tidy and nose cone staight away but everythings on bloody back order.
  13. There appears to have been a zero added there @Drinky :p
  14. You sound like the wife when she sees the bank statement.
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  15. Saudi...:Bag:
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  16. What oil? Not a drop underneath it and that's a worry. Drinky, check there's some in it before you fire it up.
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  17. As much as I loathe the Bikeshed, Sport Classic, pipe wrap, Rizoma overload and built not bought b0ll0ck$ - that's one damn fine looking M/C you have there.
  18. Today was a good day.
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  19. I must pop over and have a gander, and bring my enduro bike for a lesson :)
  20. Any time mate. Theres an enduro on tomorrow literally in the woods at the bottom of our garden. The organisers were asking for marshalls, ride the course all day and get fed and watered.
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