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  1. Goinger is a word.
  2. Kiwi for Ginger :)
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  3. Amazing what damage a pair of balls can do these days;)welcome aboard:upyeah:
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  4. Yep, good enough for Trump to just make shit up....
    Besides I hate when my Duke is less goinger than I would like!
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  5. Such a covfefe when they go wrong!
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  6. nice one! i was just offa 16 out in taupaki. nice part of the world
  7. Lucky in a way, look up ''open book pelvis fracture" to see what can happen when your nuts hit the tank
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  8. I used to live on Hunter Rd
  9. Yeah, I know. Not good.
  10. 你的意思是擴展還是上課?或兩者?
    Nǐ de yìsi shì kuòzhǎn háishì shàngkè? Huò liǎng zhě?
  11. Sorry about the accident, but I like that old silver Brit bike, and the new red Italian one is way nice!
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  12. Welcome. Glad you are OK! Pity about the bike, but the replacement is neat, love the Norton too.
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  13. almost! but with a,littke lube,it was ok!
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  14. is that off redhills rd? i know the name but i aint been home in 16 years and my memory is a lil fuzzy...
    i was down brookvale lane.. we used to have big up partys... 1 made the news papers... 6 bands, few thousand people... they dont really do house partys like that over here...
  15. Hi and welcome to the Ducati forum sorry to hear About your accident it obviously hasn't put you off
    Have fun
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  16. Sounds like a good time! Is off Waitakere Rd just around corner from Taupaki. I was there about 13 yrs ago, so just missed u.

    Someone on Redhills pointed a shotgun at police helicopter the other day. Needless to say that didn't go down to well...
  17. proper westies eh?
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  18. mate of mine, chris lives up waitakere rd way...,hes got a fuck load of dukes do you know him by chance? quite a large chap he is...
  19. Never seen such damage at 65mph NZ speed limit! welcome :)
  20. Nope. I know more Norton guys here than Duc guys.
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