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Kr1000 Replica Build...

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Exige, May 15, 2013.

  1. thinking of building one of these, not sure how difficult it will be though so any tips welcome!
    KR1000 Kawasaki 001.jpg

    KR1000 Kawasaki 001.jpg
  2. Where do I find him, here are the beginnings of the 'former' to shape the tank out of alloy :wink:

    I will have to make most of the parts myself including the frame, mechanical ant-dive etc...

    KR1000 Kawasaki 003.jpg

    KR1000 Kawasaki 003.jpg
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  3. One of my favourite bikes of all time, I had the same model.. about 30 years ago lol..Saw them racing at the Bol and Lemans in the 80's. Looking forward to your build.
  4. Well, this project has been on the back burner after filling the garage / workshop so full of bikes I couldn't move! Now the bike room has been built and I have the room it has inspired me to start at last!
    Having completed some test bends over the weekend I now have an accurate method of bending the T45 seamless tube with minimal tube distortion. Starting on bending the left hand frame tube today but no spare tube now - so it will have to go well :Wideyed:
  5. Just make sure you get the right glue......;)
  6. Dont glue your fingers together..
  7. And Don't get caught by Mum whilst sniffing said glue...
  8. I'm not very good at gluing (or is it welding :)) so I'm going to bend the tubes and make the jig, but get a welder to glue it together for me ;)
    Thanks for all the advice so far, it surely is beautiful advice :D
  9. Some bends - delayed now, need a 48mm HSS Hole Saw before I can do the next bend...

  10. Where do you live Exige? I may be able to get to you and do your glueing for free.
  11. I'm all the way up in good old York - do you glue with Tig? :Wideyed:
  12. No i do not tig. That's my offer off the table. Sorry bud!
  13. Thanks anyway!
  14. First mock up with the left hand frame tube roughly in position. 8 bends in the one tube took a bit of head scratching to get the geometry correct. Scaling up from the Tamiya Kit with the aid of some good side view pictures from a Japanese magazine. When I get the RH tube done I will need to make a frame jig and do final adjustment to bends and the tank profile to get it visually as close as possible. Biggest job will be grinding of all the brackets on the original frame - not looking forward to that bit!

    Progress awfully slow due to trapped nerve in my back - hopefully steroid injections will get me back up to speed soon - scan result say probably no operation needed :D



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  15. Nice skills
  16. That's coming along nicely. Please keep the pics coming
  17. battery powered?
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  18. You noticed! Wrong thread perhaps? :Happy:
  19. observations
    1) the foam will get in the way of the engine.
    2) the battery will foul the sump.
    3) forget steroid injections - drink a beer, speed, crystal meth and charlie cocktail and you'll get this finished by the end of the week.


    Is the frame all your own work?
    Will you be fabricating the tank?
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  20. I will address your comments as I go, thanks!
    The steroid injection will be additional to the alcohol intake...

    Yes, all my own work and I will be fabricating the tank - not done either to this extent before. I will be getting it welded professionally though on the count that I can't weld. I couldn't bend tube until 2 weeks ago but wouldn't trust myself learning to weld properly :Happy:
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