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Kr1000 Replica Build...

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Exige, May 15, 2013.

  1. Take out all your moaning and it would only be 500 posts :joy:
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  2. A few bits of more 'professional' manipulation needed once tacked together at Chads, but the final piece is done :bucktooth:



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  3. Thanks, it's not a patch on what Chad does in his Emporium of Motorcycle Wonderment and wouldn't have been possible without his guidance and knowledge :):upyeah:
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  4. Any internal baffling?
  5. No, modern foam inserts so as not to distort the tank :):upyeah:
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  6. Most of this is baffling!
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  7. By the time this is done, you wont be allowed to register an internal combustion engined vehicle..:)
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  8. Wrong :yum
  9. Not much progress today but my Pingel weld-in M22 boss came in the post while I was out doing motorcycling :motorcycleduc::fist:
    Worked out where it needs to go and then marked out the filler cap centres.





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  10. You will want to line up the filler necks so the fuel cap finger idents line up before welding in, otherwise, you will spend the next 20 years wishing you had (and Roborano will never, ever let you forget)
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  11. Nope, they bolt in but they are staying like that just to wind him up o_O

    Actually the bolts are aligned properly, the filler caps stop slightly out - if I line the caps up the bolts look odd - I must try some other caps to see if they stop at the same angle - I have 4 units :thinkingface:
  12. :eyes:
  13. Ordered a fuel pressure release valve from Demon Tweeks, always good service and it arrived this morning.
    Expensive compared with some Ebay offerings but a quality piece of kit.

    But oh dear, in the catalogue it was anodised silver and when it arrived it was in 1990's horrendous Red :mad:

    That's the only colour they come in now is the response from a phone call - so I can't swap it for the proper version and have to wet and dry the anodising off ffs! :rolleyes:

  14. On a plus point I'm ready for a trip to Hull at the weekend for some welding... :blush:

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  15. Wow! I just found your tread, I really love the project
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  16. Ive used mr muscle oven cleaner before to remove anodising
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  17. Oh cool, maybe 10X will work then too :thinkingface: I'll have to test it :):upyeah:
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