For Sale Late'08 1098s On Sale Or Return At Moto Rapido - Deposit Taken

Discussion in 'Bikes For Sale' started by Android853sp, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Just arrived on sale or return for a regular customer, a 58 1098S with 3,400 miles, belt service this year. Comes with a few bits and pieces like race exhaust and rear sets with the original parts in a box. Fitted with a 1098R nose cone (original not included). Apparently if you want a 1098, this is the one to have. Top end pricing though at £9500 and not sure if that is negotiable. Andy
  2. I was asking about purchasing a 1098/1198 yesterday! You said there were some potential issues with 1098 main bearings and gearboxes. can you explain more? Or is a 1198 a better choice + a bit more power/torque?
  3. Plenty have had issues with both engines and gearboxes. Steer clear of a quickshifter or track mule and they seem fine with good, regular oil changes and good service checks.
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  4. As Bradders has said, whilst there were common failures, not everyone had that experience. Using a QS on the 1098 was definitely something to be avoided. Choices, choices, good examples are few and far between, Andrew is already getting enquiries and it's been on the Web site 2 minutes. This is not a Moto Rapido bike so not sure if finance or warranty is part of the deal. Andy
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