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Leather Alterations

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by jack999s, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Any recommendations on who to use for leather alterations?
    Looking to shorting the sleeves and take them in a bit on my Rev-it jacket

  2. Any where, Will have to post anyway
  3. I've used Chris at http://www.ninelivesleathers.co.uk/ for several leather alteration jobs and been very satisfied with the work. Does a lot of racers kit and also been the official UK warranty repairer for Dainese.
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  4. Plus one on Chris ....
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  5. Thanks lads, Decided to go with these guys http://www.ninelivesleathers.co.uk
    They were very quick at replying and fairly priced, Going to send the Jacket to them next week,
    The Jacket is one of my favourite ive owned so well worth doing, LIke it that much ive just ordered a pair of Rev-it gloves
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  6. Plus two on Chris :upyeah:

    I've used NineLives several times over the years and Chris' work has always been superb. His website looks like it needs sorting, but his work's first class.
  7. Plus 2 for nine lives. Nick
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  8. nine lives or debbie at leatherworkshop for me.
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  9. Nine lives for me too..... mind you he local, which helps !
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  10. I have used Sarji who runs the Norfolk Leather Centre in Great Yarmouth. He has been very helpful in lengthening leathers for me for leg length and adjusting zips and cuffs on a Furygan leather jacket. Really nice guy as well.
  11. think i'll need mine doing soon... might send em a wok along with the leathers....
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