999 Led Tail Lights

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by Old rider, Jan 25, 2016.

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  1. That's the one I have been looking for, thanks for the link!
  2. Np. Just let me know if hou find a eu seller.
  3. Just a word of warning. Check that the rear of the circuit board is insulated. If not fix some plastic sheet on there with clear silicone. I had an LED rear light fitted to my 999. The rear was not insulated and it shorted to earth. Took out my wiring loom right up to the fuse box. Required new loom front/rear, ignition switch and tail loom to fix.
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  4. Wow...
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  5. I totally agree, didn't like the vague output from the light unit under direct sunlight, my bike passed it's MOT with it fitted also with a small number plate, these were both fitted by the previous owner, I have now fitted the original rear light unit which I like compared to the LED one.
  6. I use a couple of the integrated ones that @Shaun mentioned earlier in this thread, a clear one on one bike and smoked on another and love em! Really don't worry about those sticky-out rear indicators catching on anything anymore.

    However, also as Shaun mentions, I've also had bother with an MOT tester with one of the bikes for exactly the reason he stated - that part of the rear light extinguishes when an indicator comes on. I still use em, they are perfect for my needs and really tidy up the rear end.

    FWIW I've also replaced the front indicator incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs.