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Liberty Media To Buy Motogp?

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by Paul55, Mar 28, 2024.

  1. It appears you are correct Red if I read this correctly.

  2. It is still subject to regulatory approval where someone pointed out earlier, there has been an issue or two.
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  3. I don't subscribe to TNT after BT Sport switched over to them, since they now want to charge me for Discovery + as well so now I just buy a Moto GP pass. Much simpler and I can watch what I want on demand.
  4. That’s changed again Rod. Eurosport, TNT Sport and Discovery plus now all in the “standard” BT TV sports package. You do have to pay for HD though.
  5. This is exactly why I wouldn’t subscribe to Sky, there is too much content I wouldn’t watch.
  6. May not be a bad thing who knows.

    dorna aren’t exactly great either
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  7. Threads merged
  8. Compare MotoGP riders to F1 drivers and there may be huge potential to raise their profile to god-like status simply because they can transition from fearsome competitors to jocular compadres.
    F1 can never replicate this as their proponents are angry and adore nothing than a good whinge over the radio.
    Netflix should also dive in to expose the human side of works teams and their satellites.
  9. Being relatively new to the motorcycling world, I gave Discovery+ a go last year so that I could try to get into motorcycle racing. I watched one BSB race and one WSBK race (forget where), but I didn't find anything in the coverage that wanted me to go back for more, plus as others have said, I didn't like paying for a whole package of sports and other entertainment when there was just one thing I wanted to watch. I don't think that was the fault of the racing (which I'm sure many of you love), but aside from cheering for Ducati (because I own one), I picked up very little about the competition, the drivers, bikes/technology, the other manufacturers or the storylines that go along with it all. It didn't give me any reason to come back so I didn't.

    If the new owners of these sports can do something like they've done with F1 since they've acquired it - tie in with a Netflix series for example, use social media to grow the brand, then it will bring in new fans, new money, more interest in the sport, more sponsorship and I would imagine sell a lot more bikes. And you can actually go out and buy something that these teams sell on a much wider range of incomes. I hope they will, I'd really like to get into it myself!
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  10. Discovery+ only relays the TV feed supplied by the competition organisers and commentary by TNT (Eurosport). Greg Hanes and James Toseland can learn a lot from the Montmeló track commentator, he used very few words and played great 70’s and 80’s music to accompany the sound of the bikes on track :D Andy
  11. I reckon Haines must be paid by the word, the amount of verbal he pours out during a race is well off putting and he's always trying to second guess what the riders are going to do and mainly getting it wrong.
  12. He gets so much wrong on the commentary i find it a pain to listen to him
  13. It’s started already :mask:

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  14. Turkey teeth toseland is the worst literally makes my teeth itch.
    The way he was screaming Rossi when Toprak won the superpole race in Barcelona was pure cringe.
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  15. Curious; what what would you all like to see change about MotoGp/WSBK coverage, both from a production/content point of view and also from a technical point of view? What are they getting right and what could they improve on?
  16. All on one dedicated channel.
    No requirement to stream ANY sessions.
    The return of Moto Gp Jules (i dont think he wants to but just from a personal preference on comms).

    On the whole they do a decent job right now, not everyones going to like the same comms teams so cant make everyone happy all of the time etc..
    Just keep it as far away from F1 as humanly possible.
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  17. Slight issue maybe…. Liberty banned brolly persons as they did not comply with their “brand values”…...:eek:
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  18. I do often wonder whats stopping "them" having a combined wsb/bsb type one off event each season.
    Just as a novelty type thing, nothing more.
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