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Lithium Battery On Older Bike

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by cookster, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Chaps is there any reason I can't fit a lithium battery on my 2002 gsxr 1000??

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  2. Cant see why not, long as it has enough to spin the motor.
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  3. Thought I read somewhere because it's an older bike the charging systems are different to newer bikes and don't like the new batteries ? Does this make sense or is it an old wife's tale??
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  4. you need the newer style regulator/rectifier that shunts to ground on failure not just pumps alternator output to battery. Shindengan are one of the manufactures associated with this style of component. LiFePO batteries also cannot be charged over 15V. Get an AMG battery, just as good and safer. Andy
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  5. I have had one on my 998 for about three years, it never fails to start, has not caused any issues (like caught fire) and charges in minutes when I forget to keep it connected and the charge holds for about six months whilst the bike sits unused. I started in on sunday, first time since about May. Eventually I’ll change all the others, lead acid/gel is from the stone age. Oh, and it weighs about 3oz!
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  6. And whilst I remember, LiFePO batteries don't like the cold, you can't let a LiFePO battery discharge below 11.3 volts 'cause you knacker it and you need a LiFePO battery maintainer. Andy
  7. Or let a Lead acid drop below 10.5V
  8. When you say older bikes...... read "anything that isn't fitted with a Lithium battery as standard".:rolleyes:
    There an issue with charging profiles your motorcycle alternator/generator, rectification and regulator set (aka "Gen Set"). :bucktooth:
    If the designer did not envisage some numpty in the future changing the battery specification then many things may or may not go wrong.:thinkingface:

    For example if you have some exotic italian beast :motorcycleduc:, that has the regulator stupidly close to the front exhaust header, so that it's running at 140°C when set in traffic under light electrical load. Change the battery to Lithium and the temperature may rapidly run to 300°C :scream:.... melting everything plastic around it and catching fire :sun:, as said plastic things now fall on top the aforementioned header.....:mad::broken_heart:

    Yours "An Old Wife" :blush:

    Don't worry some Wank puffin* will be along in a minute to say "Can't see any problem myself", by that they mean they have no idea, but wanted to take part in the thread, so we don't forget they exist.


    "I did it and had no issues" by that they mine the bike starts and is not on fire.

    EDIT * And as if on cue.... an Nuke :).
    Had to take of ignore to see why I'd upset him......
    If you put me on ignore we'll never see each others posts.... I followed Hell T's advice.
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  9. You will be correct with regards to technicality, but three odd years is a fairly safe control period in which to form the basis of a real world evaluation!
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  10. My Blade has one and no issues so far.
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  11. Not really, apart from what I've already said..... it's not yet failed or on fire.
    For peace of mind check how hot the regulator gets... You should be able to touch it without a burn.
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  12. "I did it and had no issues" by that they mine the bike starts and is not on fire.
    I'm sure they be some more of these....
  13. Another ‘ wank puffin ‘ here.
    2006 bike, changed to mosfet reg/rectifier. Shorai Lithium IRON battery. Traditional battery charger not a problem (as okayed on dealer website). Been using about 4 years. Very light.
    No fires yet....... reg/ not hot to touch.
    I’m still wrong though........:kissing_heart:
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  14. Nope (just a regular Puffin).
    ... you've fully understood the issue and updated the gen set to the correct profile.... I'm assuming you chose the correct MOSFET Rectifier/regulator to match the battery charge profile?
  15. And an LED charge light indicator. :upyeah:
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  16. I use a shorai li po battery on my '99 955 Daytona. Never had any problems. 1/3rd of the size of the original battery. Bike rarely used this year and started on the button each time it has. Not connected to any form of charger at all. They discharge so slowly and providing the reg rec is outputting a voltage within the battery's rating I don't see any issues. For me personally it's been far more reliable than the AGM battery that was on it previously that was much bigger and decided to just stop working after 8 months leaving me needing recovery home.
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  17. Me too! :)
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  18. @cookster, just get one fitted mate! What’s the worst that could happen? :punch:
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  19. I have a Lithium battery from my Bayliss free to a good home, I’ve now got a correct specification battery.
    Although the Lithium is free to a good home, it’s collection only as due to risk of fire the post office have banned them in thier system :thinkingface:
    Not worth the risk from what I have seen, things can and do go wrong, some are prepared to risk it. There is a uk reg rec manufacturer who says do not use Lithium with his units. It’s not hearsay and has been discussed many times on here, there have been fires - if your a riding god and need to loose the weight to keep up with some of the hero’s on here then maybe it’s well worth it to your ego :bucktooth:
    The amount of millions spent in OEM manufacture on electric vehicles for combating ‘thermal events’ as they like to call it (fires) is unbelievable. And that’s more to cool the volatile cells for prevention and to encase them in the event of.

    The trouble with some of the earlier Ducati’s is also the location of the key components, as AC mentioned, and the 1098 Family seems to be the worst effected, although I’ve seen pictures of a Paul Smart that fired too.

    Back to the ops question, it could well be ok, who you trying to keep up with that makes you need the weight saving :eyes:

    Stay safe peeps... :):upyeah:
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  20. "I did it and had no issues" by that they mine the bike starts and is not on fire.
    I'm sure they be some more of these....
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