Lithium Or Not

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  1. Oh, there's a Troll :eek: (and I am not on ignore) :yum
  2. If the recent work to produce a battery based around aluminium comes to fruition, from what I’m told, it’ll make lithium obsolete. Andy
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  3. Let’s hope it’s easier to extract and better for the environment
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  4. A positive contribution, much better :):upyeah:
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  5. Read an article about that a few weeks ago, sounded very promising if it ever gets developed.
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  6. They used a Land Rover Defender sketch in the article too, but JLR are pressing ahead with Cells like Tesla. It's a small company so the cynic in me says it will likely be bought out and shelved if it works :eyes:
  7. I must admit I just buy the factory recommended battery, budget in to replace it every second year and I'm happy.

    I've never understood the "but it's lighter by pounds" when that argument is made by an old 20 stone greggs fanatic.
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  8. Wouldn't be the first time that a potentially brilliant solution to some thing has been killed off by the bigger companies who would suffer from it, so us poor sods carry on paying through the nose for a lesser product.
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  9. Not to mention the cure for baldness! It’s buried out there somewhere along with the cures, for cancer and the common cold. Right next to the Ark of the Covenant and cold fusion!
    Bastards! :triumph:
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  10. You need to add an extra answer to the poll.
    DEPENDS on how sophisticated/safe (old?) your Ducati charging system is?
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  11. To be fair if you search the forum using GOOGLE rather that the poor internal search you'll see why the comment was posted.
  12. They aren't condescending / patronising if you don't know shit about the subject, they are trying to educate you.
    You bring the comments on yourself with " a bloke down the pub said, once met a guy at a race track and he said" etc. Just leave the comments to those that actually know the answers rather than banging yer lips!
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  13. Especially if you have to carry a fire extinguisher!
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  14. Are you his Mini Me?

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  15. when it's funny on here, it's just.. funny. I never question it :---)
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  16. When it's funny and you don't think so you send PM's crying and report people - there is no foundation to Big Trolls scribblings and none for Little Trolls either :yum
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  17. Exactly!

    With a lithium battery on my old tech bike:

    Could start better,
    Will be 3Kgs lighter

    Lithium might cost more
    May catch fire and singe the crown jewels

    The risk over benifit is clear to me especially as I'm not a lard arse.
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  18. Wow, really touched a raw nerve there then, posts above are mild Mickey-takes compared with your average stuff Stuart, I certainly never enter into character assassinations and you’ve crossed a line if you are going to start lying - not a good image for a professional trader on here is it..
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  19. You are both quite pathetic :joy:
  20. Still trolling? Why? :thinkingface: