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Loads Of Ducatis Around Buxton Today ?

Discussion in 'Ducati Spotted' started by CAT3, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. While I was having a coffee at a lay-by near Dove Holes I spotted loads of Ducatis passing by, a red, white & green Panigale even stopped in the same lay-by, but didn't see who was on it. An orange Scrambler too stopped in the same lay-by.
    A 916 (?) spotted heading up Long Hill too, at the traffic lights in Whaley Bridge.

    Anybody around this neck of the woods today ?
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  2. I didn’t see you :(
  3. How do you know ? Maybe you did, but didn't realise it ;)
  4. Common as muck
  5. Have you noticed or is it just me but most Ducati riders don't nod or wave back on the highways a bit like the Harley Davidson riders.:thinkingface:
  6. I wasn't on my Ducati, I was giving the bobber an airing & I always wave to everyone, including learners, small bikes, even scooters sometimes :)joy:) & BM riders.

    I would say it's not just you, there are some makes of bike rider who definitely don't like waving to others not on the same make of bike.
    In order of offenders I would say BM riders are first & of them GS riders are the worst of them & least likely to wave, second is Harley riders & then anybody on touring Goldwing type things including Triumphs. Finally, tossers wearing "POLITE" dayglow vests because taking your hand off your handle bars is dangerous !!
    I find the Ducati riders on the more expensive bikes the most likely not to wave :rolleyes:
  7. Because they are the oldest, poorly sighted and deaf and don't even notice :thinkingface:
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