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  1. Long story so bear with me. On 17th September I purchased a welder from this company on line, it cost £385 and should have been supplied with a foot pedal, the welder arrived after two days but without the foot pedal, so an e-mail was sent and I had no reply so i phoned and was told it was sent in a separate package and should be with me the next day, it didn't arrive so phoned again and was told another would be sent straight away, after another 4 phone calls and two weeks passed still no foot pedal. On the 8th October i used the welder for the first time and after 15 mins of use it packed up, so an e-mail was sent and onto the phone straight away i was told, no problem a replacement will be sent along with the missing foot pedal and the courier will also collect the faulty one,it should be with you in a couple of days, two days pass so I ring again to be told it was only collected that morning so should be a couple more days, three more days past and nothing. At this point I had had enough so I sent all the details off to my credit card company to claim of them under section 75 of the consumer credit act. I have just had a full refund but they may reclaim the money from me within 45 days if the trader contests there ruling.
    To sum up Chris at Local Tool Sales has lied continually and I can't understand how a company like this can continue trading. All the information regarding my experience with them has been passed on to Trading Standards.
    This company also trade on E-Bay as 160572Carol.
    My advice to anyone on here is DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS COMPANY.

    PS The faulty welder still hasn't been picked up.
  2. Then Chris is a cvnt, what a nob he is :punch:
  3. What a bunch of scum-bags, something that really pisses me off are people who lie. Thanks for sharing.
  4. An update on this, the 45 days has well and truly lapsed, I have my refund in full, the welder has not been picked up and I have had no contact from the seller ( Local Tool Sales)
  5. Dear Birdie and Ducati Forum - I wanted to leave this one post then I will delete my account as I only loosely qualify with my son at least being a biker. I submit this in the hope that this reinforces Birdies email - DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY - I purchased a suitcase generator, plug was faulty, didn't handle the load, auto choke crap, had to take of the cowling set choke and screw on after starting. Long Story short: Paid £45 postage to return item ....then it starts, stalling, claiming non receipt of emails, someone not in, ring the engineer ( same person!!!) etc etc what was the fault, when did you but it etc etc. I am now poised to submit a claim through the small claims court (£35 but wort it) - so do yourselves a favour STAY CLEAR GO SOMEWHERE REPUTABLE AND SAVE THE HASSLE thank you.
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  6. Good luck persuing your claim, luckily for me I paid by credit card and the credit card company were very helpful and I got a full refund from them under section 75 of the consumer credit act.
  7. Not a customer friendly bunch to deal with I bought a inverter generator from them inJuly after a week a rang to see where it was and it had got lost and they said they would send a replacement after another 3 days rang and said 2nd one was damaged in transit. 3rd one arrived after another 3 days.Had a job starting it, took rear cover off and internal poly carbon frame broke in half, but seemed alright when running.Rang and complained a week later they had it collected.Returned with engineers report they had removed choice lever so no choke but no (why did the makers fit it) said it started on the button and found no damage,I removed the case and same machine with broken frame, wrote back and twice asked for a swap no response all I got was a load of lies from chris and his merry bunch would sooner go to boot sale and get the same guarantee. The engineer if exists needs to go to specsavers I have photos of when it first arrived with broken frame and when it was returned with broken frame with dates on the photos ( evidence thanks to modern life). I am happy with the genny it does start after a few pulls and play with choke push button and cost £290 so price was good, does what I want it for my motorhome
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