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Lockdown Modifications

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Desmoquattro, May 2, 2020.

  1. IMG_20200502_210301_442.jpg
    Decided to write if this year for the SS. She's been hibernating since last year, and so I'm keeping her off the road and planning my modifications earlier than anticipated. So, started today getting it part ready to drop the engine.

    Planned mods include fitting the Bruce Meyer Pistal 94mm pistons, ST2 barrels, ST2 camshafts that I have, to get it to 944cc. I have a hall effect sensor to fit, Dyna coils and leads. There's also a 748 gearbox sitting in my garage.

    I may have a good few other things to do, there some wiring needs updating, and the motion Pro cables are being replaced with a kit from Venhill as the throttle cables I've never been happy with. I'll run my Multistrada 1100S only this year, means I have just under a year to do everything, which should be enough so it's ready for next spring.
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  2. great stuff dude.. plenty of pics mate!
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  3. Good luck - I've just finished doing exactly the same big bore conversion mod on my Bimota DB2 (same engine as yours), though I went with the standard ST2 pistons for the moment. You'll be surprised at how quickly/easily you'll complete it.

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  4. Can you not transplant a ST2 lump straight into the bike ? There is about 4 units on e-bay at the moment ? (£800)
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  5. Possibly, I have the rest of the ST2 engine here, but I don't want water cooled. Plus, where's the fun in that? My 900 has been rebuilt by me with new bearings so I know it's good inside. The bikes light, I don't want to add more weight with the water system. Then there's the FI or carb debate, I'm running flatslides. Great idea though.
  6. I fully understand keep us posted please.
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  7. Have you ridden it?, if so what are your thoughts?, cheers Mark
  8. Not since I started the work unfortunately.. the bodywork is at the paintshop who have gone quiet since lockdown. However - I've had it down to the local dyno midway through some of the changes suggested that there was a good bit of improvement. Since then, I've managed to adjust the fueling, and it seems a good bit more potent from that, but difficult to really know from running it on the bench.
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  9. pics please Mike when its all back together :)
  10. This’ll be good!
    Keep us updated.
  11. Subscribed. Is the hall effect sensor from FBG in NZ? Be interested to see how that goes, got one stashed waiting for a rebuild. Almost as hypnotic as a bevel gear gazer...
  12. Yes it is, Liam's a top bloke and been very helpful with my bike
  13. Met him briefly when I was in Auckland late last year, having stumbled across him on Youtube a while back. As you say, top bloke. Very clever fella, way above my pay grade
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  14. I've just removed the ST2 camshafts out of the heads. Exciting, need to get heads vapour blasted then rebuild.
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  15. Cases split, will strip to have vapour blasted. IMG_20200605_214941_395.jpg
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  16. I think (for what it's worth - not a lot) that it's better to keep it air-cooled and carbed!
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  17. I've made a little progress, sent my barrels and heads to Blastworx and here are the results below. I also did some research on upgrading the calipers. I have bought a set of 40mm spaced NISSIN 6 pots and over on Facebook I've had a fair amount of negativity towards them, with some thinking it's a downgrade. They are meant to be very good, and fitted to the MV Agusta 750 F4 (although different mount spacing) Ive gone this trial route cause they are straight swap. Has anyone used them before? Bikes off the road so I can't actually test it till next year 20200618_134811.jpg 20200615_202431.jpg IMG_20200614_102038_205.jpg
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  18. Good man, plumbing is for central heating and the like, not real motorcycles :cool::joy:
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