Looking For Garage Lock Recommendations

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  1. We have done. We're seriously considering getting them to replace it with a properly sprayed one, given the poor finish their painter has left us with. To be fair, we don't blame him; he did his best given what he had to work with. We were wondering whether the paint he was given by the company was formulated to be sprayed on, which is why he couldn't get a decent finish.

    2659f5c2-7658-433f-90e1-5896c0755df4.jpg 62115be2-4f08-4a6e-9053-eea557384d04.jpg e4074eab-c7f6-44b2-b9c4-e89b997f04ea.jpg
  2. Surely he could have used a sprayer, like the garden fence ones for a better finish, Good luck with the outcome anyway
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  3. Fair dues to them, they've come out to inspect it today and offered to replace it completely, and throw in the security pack for the inconvenience.
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  4. Just curious, would you know the name of the paint they used, Zinsser Allcoat ?
  5. I've a GateMate on mine. Pretty chunky bit of metal with a decent key.

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  6. The problem with the bars on the outside is they advertise that you are trying to keep something secure...

    Probably better changing all screws on hinges to coach bolts - would mean removing hinge and filing the square for the head in the CSK..

    Then fit 2 locks like the the second post per door

    If you still want more security

    I would then suggest fitting on the main door - those bars on the inside - so if someone breaks in - they have to remove them to get doors open.

    Then on the man door - fit a second door internal to the wooden one that is steel framed and weld mesh panels..

    But as others have said - if they want it - no matter what you do they will break in...
  7. Valtti, in Slate
    Screenshot 2019-08-25 at 20.05.59.png
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  8. Never seen Valtti paint before,
    I would be interested what they say and if the final coat was the same, water based put on top of oil, looks like a reaction.
  9. 7CDB2A74-1DA0-45CF-AD1E-D9097AF2D9BD.jpeg £15-20 on ebay a couple of years ago. Stops bolt croppers and would be a bit of a pain for a grinder. Made from stainless, various sizes available.
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