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1199 Looking To Dip My Toe Into The Panigale World

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Serkta, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. Two final questions.

    1. Is there a big difference between the 1199 base model and S?
    2. Is there a big difference between the 1299 base model and S?

    Bearing in mind I am coming from a 1098 base model.

    Many thanks
  2. Electronic suspension the main one I think. And how much that matters to you is probably going to be quite personal.
  3. lightweight forged wheels and 1199 it was upgraded lights.
  4. Update. So I have managed to find a 2015 base model 1299. It doesn’t have termis but it’s done 2800 miles and is spotless. Fingers crossed it’s the right way forward Thanks all for your comments.
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  5. Anyone running fgr169 cartridge for the 1199s ? I had 5 front end washouts with this bike and currently it feels ok,soft front tyre is a must for me. When pushed hard,for me,i lack feel on the front. Can this cartridge be a good upgrade ?
  6. Just collected my 1199s today. Thumbs up from me. Doesn’t like going slow though.
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  7. exhaust and a tune (maybe rapidbike is what I did) and maybe a sprocket change.
  8. You didn't take any advice?
  9. To be fair there was a mixed bag. I went for the newest and lowest miler. I need reliability and the general consensus was that the 1299 was everything the 1199 should have been. 1199s with termis were a similar prices (or higher) and generally had much more miles. So I think I played safe with a base 1299 (which already feels nice compared to my 1098 although I do miss her and her looks) that I can add to if I want moving forward.

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  10. Good luck with it and I'm sure you will enjoy.
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  11. It will need an engine if you want to move forward. Or a big hill..

  12. Can you expand on this pal, it could be anything from that brief
  13. Just sold my 1299s
    Great bike to own great bike to look at and great bike to ride.
    Putting the ego element to one side it is not designed for the appalling UK roads. it belongs on a track. The disadvantages on the road are the heat from the bike if caught in traffic. It hates traffic. Neutral is difficult to find. Can’t use the potential of the bike. Common sense prevailed. Albeit I miss it a lot.
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  14. Just to resurrect this thread, if you do feel the front end grip is lacking with Marzocchi forks the answer is a set of Ohlins FGRT 203 forks. Having done a track day at Snetterton today, out of the box for someone around 85-90kg they are fantastic. I don't think that there is more that could be improved on regrading the handling of my 1199 now. It matches the TTX GP shock perfectly and at my pace in the inters/fast cross over point it is more than I could ever ask for.

    It maybe a pricey addition but you could spend more on an exhaust and gain very little in real life speed. I know they sound nice but the real way to improve the bike is the suspension.

    Also a shout out to @V4Missile, nice to meet you today and I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did. I'll be interested to know how the gearing change feels.
  15. Hey, Grayrobs. Really enjoyed Snetterton. Only my second track day in 5 years, but will return! It's nice to let the beast out to play, even if at my pace, she's not really getting a proper workout, yet! I felt the Ohlins R suspension, fettled by MCT really worked well, apparently allowing me to leave a few black lines on track according to another rider. Back to the OP, congrats on your choice, I'm sure you'll enjoy her!
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