Lorenzo To Retire?

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  1. Options would basically be this satellite Yam that may or may not materialise.
  2. Lorenzo has done well been paid a kings ransom by Ducati so far hasn't returned the investment, now another nice pay day by HRC. Basically he can't loose if he beats Marquez he will be a god if he doesn't it will be that the Honda was built for Marquez style of riding
    I will give it 6 months before the excuses and sulking starts
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  3. Iannone is off to Aprilia, replacing Redding.
  4. Redding has gone backwards
  5. Was a good rider in moto2, just clearly not a bike in gp that he can ride
  6. Think he has the talent and drive just never had the right package. .it is possible.. it's not what you know it's who ya know and all that. I think if given a factory duc a few years back he could have been a contender..
    I like his style .
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  7. 6 months? I give him 3 tests ..
    Not saying he will be crap but the excuses will come in advance in case he is crap...
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  8. Perhaps he has a book of standard excuses for every situation similar to the one English Football Managers use
  9. Yes very much so, there is only a brief moment in GP's to perform at your best level or eXit time kicks in,what a shame
  10. main-qimg-376832ad038aac5d082fbe6322e4bee9.png
  11. I think he's borrowing Cal's book
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  12. Rob,This picture reminds me how i look and feel when politics are mentioned:(
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  13. Pedrosa announcement coming tomorrow, live on motogp.com apparently.

    My guess is retirement... or a shock moto3 switch where he’ll still be the smallest rider
  14. Redding to wsbk. Sykes seat??
  15. He’s currently running a poll on his Instagram, as to what he should do next year. B9307264-429E-4C08-AD2C-E0A1939B9228.png
  16. McDonald’s burger flipper not there unfortunately
  17. He wouldn't reach the counter
  18. Redding would...he’s a 6 footer iirc
  19. That settles it then. Painter. No need for a ladder
  20. Track day instructor?
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