Featured 1200 Lucky Explorer - First Pics

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Misterpink, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. IMG_0753.JPG

    I just couldn't contain my excitement any longer so here are 2 pics of my MTS with my version of the Luck Explorer graphics, expertly interpreted and done by @evoboy.
    He took my sketches and worked with the lines of the bike - I think he's done a great job.
    I pick it up tomorrow and will take some quality pics during the week to share.
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  2. That looks the mutts nuts.
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  3. Can’t wait for finished pics. I’ve fancied doing something similar to my black 1200s
  4. looks really good!
  5. Motowraps have uploaded some more pics on Facebook, it looks great :)
  6. Lawrence is a great guy, I had a great ride back even with the occasional downpour, from his place near Bolton to London - got home and parked up with a coffee and just looked at my bike....sad I know ☺️
  7. Very nice :upyeah::cool:
  8. Any chance of more photo’s here: don’t do FB?
  9. IMG_0755.JPG
    Just waiting for the weather to clear to take some decent ones, but here is one off hid FB page taken just before I rode off in to the sunset...well actually it was a rainstorm.
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  10. Very nice. I’m tempted to do my Elefant in Lucky Explorer.
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  11. Looks very good, certainly going to stand out from other mutleys
  12. Looks nice, what did it cost? How long did it take?
  13. Did you get free coffee?
  14. Looks magic :upyeah: loving that.
    Can I ask what top case base plate that is you have installed ? Looks exactly what I’m looking for to get tent strapped to back of mine
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  15. I saw it on Fb too quite a few pictures looks very good.
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  16. I used to have an elefant as well....blue. It got nicked in 1999.
  17. It's a palmers product one, easy to fit and really strong. Looks quite big but not a problem. Plenty of options of what to fit onto it.
  18. Hahaaaaa.... you bet! With sugar as well.
  19. He quoted £350... and that's how much it cost. Might vary depending on bike and how complex you make it..... talk to @evoboy for a quote
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  20. 66F17FAB-6205-4372-B2A8-7C928C2A6FDA.jpeg Took some better pics today ..... here’s one of them
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