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Featured Luvin Tribute To Df [email protected]

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by NOODS X, May 21, 2020.

  1. If I may... I’d just like to pay a luvin tribute to one of our Wonderful DF members..

    I don’t want to bang on about it but, in what is allegedly MH week I wished to say a huge thanks to this guy, who without being asked really has respectively stepped forward and offered me help, advice and hope at a difficult time for myself and my family when MH issues have once more, done it’s best to take the better of me leaving the Unwanted issues behind In the form of wreckage..

    like so many on here I guess, I’ve never met this member, though truly hope I will one day along with many more of you, so with thanks to this our forum, one that gives us such a great platform to express all things Ducati along with an endless list of posts on all subjects that we can debate at our leisure 24/7, I personally feel lucky to be able to do this amongst virtual friends ( please excuse the term) it brings companionship etc instead of loneliness and isolation which as I’m sure many members on here will understand are the dangerous times for those with certain life issues..

    This member, who I’m sure has many friends and admirers on here along with those, as I’m sure we all have, some that May disagree with some of his views or posts etc, has been above and beyond over the past few weeks, extremely busy, working all hours etc yet still contacts me asking how we are today? Tonight etc, providing support when times are very worrying, he offers help and advice, to bring hope of brighter days to follow..

    All I can say is thank you to the forum and it’s fantastic members for allowing people like ones Noodleself to get things out of their troubled minds, out and beyond their feel safe duvets and into the wider domain..

    Thank you one and all... But on this occasion extra special thanks and manly hugs Go to @Zhed46 Aka Andy... thank you my friend so much..

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  2. Zhed gets a lot of grief from certain members, sometimes he probably deserves it but like the vast majority on here he’s a decent chap. He enjoys the banter I’m sure. Fair play Zhed.
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  3. You wait until you get his invoice..
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  4. For once, I’m speechless. And very touched. Slightly choked by that post tbh after an unpleasant week with a nasty case that blew up in my face followed by a bit of forum f*ckery.

    Many people* don’t even say thanks, much less post publicly. You’re a true gent Noods.


    * I mean non-forum people. Ducati people are quality and always say thanks
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  5. Couldn't agree more with @NOODS X , @Zhed46 is a top guy, as a recipient of very generous assistance that takes time and effort out of his day he is a real credit to the forum with his generosity :upyeah:.
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  6. Maybe not quite :p

    Sounds like a deserved thanks :upyeah:
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  7. Ha! Yeah. “I’m speechless”, followed by 3 paragraphs of “speech” :D
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  8. IN my humble and Somewhat often Muchly delirious mindful of opinions and occasional car crash thoughts there’s always room for many more thanK yous On this here planet..

    A few years back I left this planet for several weeks and thanks to The luvly Nurse, @Ducbird and her Bicycle with a shopping basket riding sidekick, ET aka @El Toro I had a severe case of the Kylies where I literally couldn’t “ get you out of my head” thanks to all you, the DF possie Posting get wells which were fed into my eggshell Of a head on a loop via some Sony Walkman headphones ( other makes are available I’m told) to try and get me back to this planet... technology hey!

    Sadly Yes, for some, I re entered at the correct angle avoiding a heck of a burning fever and found myself back with the joys of hospital food to look forward to for many more weeks..

    I can honestly say I shall always be so thankful to those who perhaps unwisely urged my return, but, equally I luv and adore ( in a manly way obv) all DFM’s,
    because, the diversity is what makes it sooooo great, the different opinions etc, blimey imagine if we all purely liked just one type of Ducati, even the same colour! Red obv, Luigi at Ducati would be so bored churning out copy’s of the same masterpiece everyday muchly like Mick The Angelo the Sisteenager Chapel painter and decorator, Imagine if he had to churn out ceilings like that over and over again... ?

    Enough said.... luv ya all, today, tomorrow, yestarday and muchly beyond.... Albeit In a manly way obv..

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  9. I think your a good guy too Zhed, but then I think most people are so don’t read too much into it :)
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  10. It’s been a journey noodle doodle hasn’t it. :)
    There for each other :heart:
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  11. Good to hear you are turning the corner @NOODS X

    it’s always easier when you have good mates in your corner with you!
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  12. Bro luv there for deff X
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  13. Luv Together for evermore my luvly little pillion passenger X
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  14. Thank you handsome one... work in progress mte I ain’t done yet hey.. X
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  15. Always x
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  16. Let’s just hope one day we can all meet up, have a bash and be delighted, or moderately disappointed when we Finally get to see what each other really look like..

    A venue? I suggest, The home of England’s World Cup winners and Our Olympic Stadium for a Big Cockney knees up...

    fancy dress would be a chuckle with a guess who’s who competition, i bags first dibs on the West Ham kit... X
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  17. I have already saved you all that disappointment. Though tbh, my profile pic is a little out of date now (2014, IIRC), so perhaps it is time for a new one.
  18. There are a lot of people(30ish) on this forum who already know what I look like and they will all tell you am not good looking at all :)

    would it be bad form to bring up dodgy Russian linesmen?
  19. I can second that (kidding). You remind me a bit of of this guy
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  20. Errrmmm yes, I think it would be...
    if you think 30ish is bad try..... when your first game at Gods footie game was 1967 X
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