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M C N Bikes Of The Decade

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Robarano, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. Yeah yeah, asking for a friend ;)
  2. Neeves obviously talking out his arse. The bloke that sold me the V4S told me it was the greatest bike ever.
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  3. If the V4s and the 1098R aren't in the list then what's the point of the list ey Mar? :joy:;)
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  4. Bike journo’s. Not a fekkin clue!
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  5. And tbf the 1098R would have made it but it’s from the decade before....
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  6. Didn't think you'd let that get in the way aha.
  7. That'll be top of the 'All Time Greatest Bikes' list. :innocent:

    I've got one you know. :) @Exige has 3, but he's a bit greedy. :rolleyes:

    1098R MCN.JPG
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  8. Some bucks that :sob:
    Interesting to know if 1098R owners would swap for a modern R or Speciale if they where offered?
  9. 4 :no_mouth:
  10. Nice write up, like it. But the pricing sounds a load of bollox. The illuminati on here reckon they can be had for £12k...
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  11. Ha, don’t think so.... price tags are one thing, what you get’s another.
    I’d say these prices refer to collectors. 0 to very low miles.
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  12. :neutral:
  13. : o O
  14. What no Triumphs in the list? They must have stopped advertising in MCN? ;)
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  15. How the Striple isn't in there is beyond me.

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