M25 & M1 Speed Cameras Go Live Tonight! Be Aware..

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  1. All cameras on M1 and M25 go live at midnight tonight, set at 72mph.

    Auto ticket generating system with 6 point penalty.

    Watch your speed and tell everyone else tonight, any speed over 90mph is instant ban & possible court & custodial sentence order!!

    Drive safely guys & girls X
  2. 72mph
    It s that legal @andyb ??
  3. If you mean, can you be prosecuted for doing 72 mph, it seems it is now. I know people who have been done for doing 31 mph ?
  4. Hadecs 3 cameras havd been live for about 2 years on M25 and generally are not triggered below 80mph, where did you get your info from?
  5. In a 30 limit?
    Not even a speed awareness course offered??
  6. Surely you cannot read an analog speedo to an accuracy of 1mph? And custodial sentence for speeding?
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  7. While watching where you are going, especially on a bike where the speedo is well below your eyeline.
  8. My God Daughters Husband is a traffic cop in Derbyshire ..
    also in the Sun apparently not that I buy it.. apparently when no speed restrictions are in force now they can and will fine you! ?


    But, according to The Derby Telegraph, Brits who go over 70mph on the M1 when the roads are clear will now also be penalised.

    The standard fine for being caught speeding is £100 and three points – but for more serious offences the punishment can rocket.
  9. Me thinks track days are set to be ever the more popular..
  10. If a zero tolerance regime is enforced, the police administrative infrastructure couldn’t cope with issuing the paperwork associated with the 1000s of speeding vehicles that will be caught each day. Whilst not the law, ACPO guidance used to be 10% + 2mph in a 70mph limit which for at least the last 3 or 4 years crept up to “so long as you were doing less than 86mph”. Andy
  11. Cameras don't know nor care if the road is clear or not. If you are exceeding the speed limit on a motorway then you have always been liable to be caught speeding if you exceed the speed limit. Nothing has changed. There have been live speed cameras on the M25 for ages. I don't live anywhere near but I've been around it a fair few times.
  12. it is bollocks
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  13. I guess we will find out soon enough...
  14. Yeah, they were offered speed awareness course, but I think that's around the £80 mark, so it's a fine without points + don't get caught again within a twelve month.
  15. When the restrictions go up on the overhead gantry it used to be that if you didn’t heed to the restricted speed you would get hit.. now, apparently it matters not as such, only that if a restriction of 50mph is set and your noted as in excess then yes you will be done, however, where before a traffic cop could or would pull you over and issue you with a ticket for say doing 85mph, now unless a really dangerous situation which needs intervention you will automatically get a fine.. and no the police won’t be tied up producing tickets if anything they will be freed up by the new legislation..
  16. One of my customers delivery drivers (comes from North of Watford) got done for 47mph when they were set to 40mph at 4am M25 near jct 21.
    He ignored them and plodded to work at 50mph, like he does everyday.
    Went to court to fight it saying "there was no reason to have them set to that".... he got points and it cost him nearly £600 for "his day in court, as he was right and it was the principal".
    Silly man.
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  17. Sound like hogwash to me.
  18. M5, M1, M25 have been live 24/7 (not all cams but some) for a few years now. The yellow side ones on the new M5 road before m42 and the gantry ones by the m4/m5 split 100% are: but do 80 (unless variable in place) and it’s fine.
  19. I hope it is mte .. but hey don’t shoot the messenger I’m only passing on what they are writing in the Derbyshire Guardian etc..
    I have to say if indeed it has been introduced I’m surprised it has not had national TV coverage ?
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  20. Not third party information. Both the old guy who went to court and his boss told me of the same events.
    Recently I helped the delivery guy replace his old van with a newer one, he was still gutted that he didn't win in court. Just thought he'd win.