M25 & M1 Speed Cameras Go Live Tonight! Be Aware..

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  1. He may have been talking to me or you.
    I've heard similar stories on these being live at all times. My sister was in the Met (now in Worcester).
    My friend got a Notice of Intended Prosecution for speeding on his Busa and asked to name the rider. From the pic it looked like the side cameras). He said he never went under 100 (mostly +130) all the way from M25 Jct 12 to Potters Bar, it was the day of his father's funeral. Stupid, he said and then sold his bike waiting for his date and ban. It never came and it's been nearly a year.
    Sister again said nearly half her station used the M3 to get into work. It's had temporary restrictions while upgrading to smart motorway.
    The limit was 50, but they all knew that 58 was ok..... until it wasn't. ..... she got a ticket and did a lot of others in that station.
    Top Surrey cop just decided to fully enforce the limit. He's pulled similar stunts like this before.
    800 yards of traffic cones on the A3 North to M25 Jct. Cops on motorcycles. If you didn't get into lane in time (before the cones)..... up to the next jct and come back. Caused traffic mahem...
  2. I meant the 72 mph and ticket cameras on m25 and m1. Unlikely to trigger before 80.

    Although who knows...
  3. It could be scare tactics by plod, but there again as it’s all digitally done they could easily have a zero tolerance policy. I’m sure we will find out very soon.
  4. I’d imagine the news would be full of it.
  5. It's a bloody law to print money, no one mentioned road safety or how many lives will be saved, I see the figure of road deaths this year was lower, but how many were saved due to camera locations? probably none. When is the government going to own up about stripping the motorists of more TAX believing we are stupid
  6. Aircon if a gantry says 40 by rights if camera is live, you will get done for 47, but what you are saying is completely different from OP, there was a thread going around in FEB 2018 on some other forums saying exact same thing.
  7. Although A little different recently I read a report accidents were up by 18% (I think) on motorways due to people driving TOO SLOW on the motorways, and driving in the middle lane for no reason.
  8. I think that this post is based upon an article in The Sun two years ago - you can find it on-line.

    I've seen the variable speed limit GATSOs on the M4 near Bristol flah many cars on the opposite side, when there has been no variable limit in place. To me, it was obvious that as there is still a 70mph limit then why not still use the expensive cameras to enforce that?
  9. I use 10% all the time. Never had an issue and regularly go through M25 gantry cameras.

    I usually go through at 75-77 and regularly see people blatting past me in their Audi or BMW at 85 ish with no flash.
  10. I don't think they flash, do they?
  11. Definitely flash.... I'll pull down some in van cctv to show you.
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  12. Even if they do flash does not mean it is at you, or you will get a NIP, but of course if they do flash at you your chances are much higher at getting a nip than if they did not flash :)
  13. Its coming. New world order.

    It’s like a bond movie. But real.

    Any excuse to track and persecute citizens.
  14. That report, so cameras were switched off as a CASH SAVING MEASURE that's so ironic, so when they stop making money they switch cameras off, what f###ing Hypocrites
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  15. I got taxed for doing 68 in a 60 last November so don't try 10%+2 in Lincolnshire and don't expect to be offered another £90.00 (+half a day Holiday wasted) speed awareness course within 3 years.
    First offence for more than 25 years, first time ever in a car, and first time the bloody tax van was parked on the other side of the road near Willingham Woods at 8:00am on a Sunday.
    Grumpy but Guilty.
  16. I have seen the cameras flashing on the M25 coming back from blue water to Gatwick

    I always kept to the limit travelling on the M25 then legged it up the m4 :)
  17. I won't, I live nowhere near. :confused: Let me know how you get on. o_O