M25 & M1 Speed Cameras Go Live Tonight! Be Aware..

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  1. I also read about it being ‘ live’ on the section of M1 smart motorway past Denby Dale and Leeds.
    It just leads to 3 or 4 lanes of traffic in busy times bunched together. Makes it very difficult sometimes to swap lanes for your exit etc, as people just don’t leave big enough gaps.
  2. Makes me look pretty shrewd; selling the SS and getting a Harley - sitting bolt upright at 70mph is just about bearable.
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  3. Smug git :D
  4. Would be nice if they charged car drivers £100 for breaking the red-no lane use crosses. Lorries currently get a £300 fine.
  5. Even smaller number plate ordered....
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  6. On the motorway be prepared for the lorries to overtake you, that's a new hazard you've not had up to now.
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  7. I’ve been done for doing 31 in a 30. No speed awareness course offered, was told I wasn’t going fast enough for one!!!
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  8. Been talk for a while on and off for about 2/3 years about reducing speed limits to 'zero tolerance' regardless of APCO Guidelines etc Can't remember when but didn't 1 of the Forces Chief's come out with wanting a ZT in his county some time ago?
  9. Really? Where? Through a school playground?
  10. Yeah, I remember listening to the dull twat on the radio. Unsurprisingly, he sounded a weapons grade tit.
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  11. Sneaky bastards. That's a biker hotspot.

    This thread just hammers it home as to why I stick to track days.
  12. That’s why I’m considering moving my riding more off road.
  13. Wow, what a great choice we are presented here:

    Lax enforcement of traffic laws means a small chance of injury or death.
    Ever more draconian enforcement of traffic laws means ... we are already dead and in Hell.

    Just one opinion, others are available.
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  14. The way I see it is that super bikes are toys. I attach no practicality to them at all. If you road ride a superbike you have to dress up like a space man, so it's not like you can go to an interview on one.

    I got sick to death of continually scanning the horizon/rear mirror/even the fekkin sky now! looking for trouble. After a blast there were many places I'd have been speeding. I won't go into detail but I'm sure you can all imagine. I'd then spend the next five days wondering if I'd got away with it.

    As soon as I did a couple of track days, that was it. I was hooked! No more worries about plod, diesel patches, heavy traffic, cow shit, tractors, losing my license and a lesser chance of injuring myself. I can thrash my bike on track and use it how it's supposed to be used (well kind of :laughing:)

    I do get the fun in road riding but if I go back to it, I'll use something far less potent than a superbike. Be safe out there guys and gals :):upyeah:
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  15. I'll let you know if they are active Jct 10 to 13.... as I never went under 85Mph last night....
    Not a hero taking one for the team.... just forgot :rolleyes:
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  16. I thought the gantries were lit up like Christmas trees when they were live?? Or has it all gone a bit sneaky??
  17. I use the M25 daily and don’t think anything has changed, but there have always been rumours of zero tolerance coming into play. The same topic came up here last year; https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=10&t=1722341

    My current rule of thumb is gantry cameras are activated when a variable speed limit is in play and the HADECS 3 cameras mounted on the left are permanently on. The gatso cameras seem to be inconsistent, sometimes flashing people breaking the limit but not always. I’ve been flashed a few times on the M1 late at night by the gantry cameras but never received anything.

    I usually set cruise control to the limit + 10%, which results in an actual speed a few mph over the limit.

    The best thing to do is use Waze, it gives a clear indication of all speed cameras, even providing a distance countdown.
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  18. Great for bikes too: cruise control
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  19. To clarify
    I've seen both the overhead and the side mounted cameras on the M25 flash with a white visible flash.... i've no idea if these resulted in an NIP, as I'm not the culprit (I'm going the other way).
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  20. Pen y Wern hill just outside Neath, and it was the middle daughter.