M25 & M1 Speed Cameras Go Live Tonight! Be Aware..

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Noods, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. That's ridiculous. And a tad annoying...
  2. They light up for variable limits, but the rumour/ truth is they’re now doing people when going over national speed limit, even when not lit up.
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  3. No its only the HADEC caameras that are permanently on, and seem to trigger around 90mph on the M25. Variable speed limit cameras only operate when the overhead gantry circular speed limit signs are lit up like a Christmas tree.
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  4. Nothing on Pepipoo yet?
  5. Fake number plate ordered
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  6. May I suggest TB08WSB, i have it on 3 bikes and the Focus :upyeah:.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Just remember that vehicles can legally travel at 30mph minimum on a clear motorway. Imagine 2/3 lanes of 30mph traffic & the loss of revenue with the country grinding to a slow halt. All of those poor politicians been late for their booked restaurants or other activities. Do you remember the lorry demonstrations around the m25 over proposed fuel raises? Just 48-hours of moving blockades did the job to make the then labour government drop its announced decisions.
  9. Thought there was a minimum on Mway...must go check...been 20 yrs since i looked at Highway Code
  10. Ah stop your whining and slow down :joy:
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  11. Touche my mate just mailed me and said "small plate ordered along with some velcro..."
  12. Because I can’t be arsed to look back over 4 pages of posts, I’ll assume that no-one has yet raised the subject of speed measuring equipment accuracy. Nothing the police have access to, including laser technology, is accurate to +/-0 so depending on the calibration accuracy, there is an upper figure that has to be exceeded by the vehicle before prosecution can proceed. IMO, suggesting prosecution by a leading Chief Constable at +1mph over the national speed limit won’t survive the first legal hurdle, the CPS. Andy
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  13. The first hurdle is actually the motorist deciding to fight the NIP instead of taking the points/fine deal.

    I wonder how many will attempt that hurdle.