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M900 Rear Axel Nut Torque

Discussion in 'Monster' started by CarloL, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. 1997 M900

    Does anybody know the torque of the rear nut? 22mm

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  2. The ST4 is 87 Nm from memory but it is a steel swingarm, I think the M900 may be alloy - you should be able to google it if you don't have the handbook?

    Found this on Ducatimonster.org;

    Rear wheel nut 25x1.25 Nm ± 5% 83 Ft-lbs 61 Grease RETINAX - HDX 2
  3. thanks , one of the lads had the manual

    69-74 Nm
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  4. I use 74 Nm, nothing’s ever moved.
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