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Magic Motorcycling Moments

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Mark9, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. mid Argyll, a warm mid spring morning, get 13 bends right, and traffic free. warra buz.
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  2. Yes I’d done the same check Exige, just a chance it’s sitting in a shed somewhere slowly turning to iron oxide and bauxite but more likely it’s donated it’s organs to other bikes, I think it was 1980 when I sold it, now I wonder what happened to the 400/4 it funded :-/
  3. The first time i saw 150 on the clock ,then couple years later seeing 180 ,that did seem fast ,bit like a video game :)
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  4. Back in the mid 70's my first ride on a big bike. A friend had just bought a 1000cc Harley Ironhead Sportster with open pipes, extended front end, and king/queen seat. It was in the fall, fairly cold, and rain. I took a trip down River Road (which had a long straightaway) and ran it up to 120 MPH (indicated of course). The feel of speed with wind and rain stinging my face and hands was exhilarating. To this day I always keep a Sporty in my stable........
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  5. My most memorable ride was Nairn to Crianlarich via Glencoe as fast as I could go on my Moto Martin GSX.
    Early 90's, first May Bank Hol Weekend went for a spin, heading north from Lincolnshire.
    2nd day was Perth to Nairn and back to Crianlarich and due to a fortunate meeting with some Harris owners in Nairn, I didn't go back down the A9.
    The two Harris riders, Neil and Phil were generous enough to keep stopping to wait for me to catch up.

    Round the Coromandel on an 851 comes a close second.
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  6. April 1979 on my Suzuki AP50, approaching the first steep uphill section of my first ride and laughing as no pedaling required ! Why I must have whizzed up that hill at speeds in excess of 20 mph ....

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  7. Being a pillion on a rd350lc with a slow rear puncture and the rider racing a ford capri rs 3.1 heading south through the blackwall tunnel. At the other side and coming upto a series of lights, matey boy riding decided to traffic light grandprix with the capri.

    Pulling away at power band level saw the rd's front come up as did my legs. almost resting on his shoulders then coming to an almighty stop at the next nights and me headbutting him., four times :mad:

    The lads in the capri said it was like watching buckaroo everytime the lights changed
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  8. Taking my Honda over the mountain at the TT, the weather was bad, high winds & rain up to the Ramsey hairpin but I pressed on to be rewarded by sunshine, dry roads and very few other riders over the mountain, tucked down behind the screen with the great sound of the SOHC at full chat, for a few seconds I was Mike the bike, (at least that’s what I thought), magic! 467DEA81-EBF8-4429-8A66-0FB490A65DB2.jpeg
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  9. One of my most memorable moments was riding off the ferry in Santander for the first time ,the mixed sense of adventure/apprehension was a real buzz!... then riding through the Picos de Europa mountains a few days later... the roads are unbelievable .
  10. Its got to be exiting the pit lane at Phillip island, 3rd March 2008 for a full on track day to remember. I’d already spent the weekend watching the 1st round of WSB in glorious weather. But nothing really prepared me for how fast this track is! Big balls and total commitment if you want to attack it properly. Loved the blind crests over Lukey Heights, the elevation change is dramatic before you hit MG and get blasted by the wind coming off the Bass strait. The temperature was so hot people were leaving by midday. I just about managed the full six sessions and god knows how many litres of water... Plus got to ride my racing Heroes bike number 34! Right under the podium.... :blush:

    BA896085-8B3C-4D1B-882A-5D8C842AEB00.jpeg AD129A6C-2F65-4FFF-A132-B0E4F27378CF.jpeg E20BDC93-2423-4385-9D67-0F8EC55C5B48.jpeg 75CD9A0F-AA19-4EC3-AB77-66E25856196C.jpeg
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  11. Going to see my potential first bike in 24 years (848 Evo) and not making it past the Panigale 1199 in the entrance way. :D
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