Magni Australia First Fire

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  1. I posted this stupid short video on a Guzzi forum and hardly anybody took a blind bit of notice
    So given that the same thing happened with the Sfida and more on here liked the Sfida first fire, I thought maybe somebody on here might want a wee look

    The Sfida 1100 now, it's going for an MOT next week


    The Australia is based around a Guzzi Daytona RS (I know, I know, another fugly Guzzi). I got the bike probably about 6-8 months ago now and only had one attempt at firing it up, when some mates came around to hear it and of course it wouldn't start, you can imagine the result.

    Anyway I had to replace the timing gears (Aluminium to Steel), oil pump (original runs in sleeves and is a known weak point), cam followers (some were soft) and a few other odds and ends. The main gear & Pump mod involved tearing off the belts, pulleys, a few casings, the front subframe and all the shit that hangs off the front subframe. Given my ineptitude I was a trifle nervous.

    The vid is actually after it just fired on the 2nd attempt, but just for a second after I 'd established fuel pressure in the injection system. The first attempt did not go well, ̶p̶r̶o̶b̶a̶b̶l̶y̶ ̶d̶u̶e̶ might have had something to do with me having the fuel tap closed, but I'm not convinced (see what I mean about ineptitude). It started really quickly after that so I turned on the camera again and just fired it up

    Pretty crappy video even by my standards

    Oh bike was imported from Japan so there is some weird shit going on with the front indicators that I still need to sort out
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  2. Cool bike, love it :cool::upyeah:
  3. Silly question, bike looks mint, what year is it or what year was it built. Can’t say I know anything about them so thanks for posting
  4. Lovely bike. :)
  5. It's a 2000, the Sfida is a 99 but that was rebuilt by me (next owner is in for some fun)

    130 built first batch in 92-93 or thereabouts, around 90 in total, 40 in 99-2000, the first batch had the standard Daytona engine about 90 bhp the second batch the Daytona RS engine about 102 bhp

    Bike is pretty much totally original and this one came over from Japan, Magni sold most of his bikes there, the Japanese couldn't get enough of them.

    They are pretty rare and command commensurate prices, unfortunately, but I just love his work

    If you want to know more about them try his website, he's now producing a wolf in sheep's clothing based around the MV triple, but I'm broke with the 3 I have, the other is a Sfida 1000.

    Personally I'd like to get my hands on a Giapone 52, but even if one came up I know I couldn't afford it, the price would be absolutely stupid (52 built)

    A UJM 600 would eat any of them for breakfast

    I've posted a pic of the 1000 before but just for completeness, unfortunately now it doesn't sport the front decals as I dropped the dammed thing at walking pace and have not got around to replacing them, but apart from that it looks much the same

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  6. A beauty, reminds me of my moto guzzi from years back...
  7. pure awesomeness, I love it :)
  8. Beautiful beautiful bikes .

    (I’m guilty of not picking the Aussie up on a Guzzi forum I’m sure. Belong to most of them but only pop in occasionally)
  9. She's a beauty Jock :upyeah:
  10. Very nice ...:upyeah:
  11. What a great looking goose you have there:upyeah::upyeah:
  12. What No Abuse, what's going on here?

    Thank you all for your kind words, it's appreciated, relieved that perhaps my taste is not so unique after all.

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  13. Guzzi's are very cool in my book. They have that something.
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  14. Done a cracking job, John. Hope to see them again soon next time up there. :upyeah:
  15. Of course, of course Ian, drop me a line next time you're going to be in Jockland

    Hopefully by next week both the 1100 and Oz will be MOT'd and taxed.

    I just finished sorting out the indicator conundrum, turns out apart from the usual 2 wires to the indicators a 3rd feed was also taken from the running/sidelights.

    Once they were removed and isolated the indicators flash as normal and no difference in brightness, which I think was occurring due to the volts drop across the flash relay.
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  16. “he's now producing a wolf in sheep's clothing based around the MV triple,”...

    We were at Magni’s last weekend and there are two now !
    The Filo Roso (Red Thread) which harks back to the 4 cylinder race bikes in looks and a modern version that looks like the 750S, unveiled when we were there.

    C1AC0B78-483B-46BE-AC1A-4D27EC8EB30A.jpeg BB62B2D0-2B5F-4B8B-93C3-8D138B0A34F1.jpeg 2AE5ED12-40FC-4358-989B-F031AA3DC2D5.jpeg
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  17. Thanks so much for the information @Matt1290

    I'm wiping drooll over off the keyboard, these are absolutely magnificent IMHO

    I'd love to see any more photographs you have, stunning

  18. Here ya go...

    Filo Rosso black...
    B87DC650-EB66-48EB-AC2A-969402809073.jpeg 4FDB6843-D958-4AB6-9365-4EC89AF95414.jpeg
    Filo Rosso...
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  19. And the new one...

    3C9137B7-57A6-48E2-8939-7BE6F73C936C.jpeg 082E9968-DF20-4BC5-9176-962589E76474.jpeg 96A16816-F316-42F3-8BA4-8B6CEDDAD0D7.jpeg
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