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Man ( woman) down !!

Discussion in 'Monster' started by sprocket, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. A little while back I told you how I was just off to pick up the wifes Monster 620ie from Cobb & Jagger. All started well, the wife loved it ( and I was rewarde d !! ) but as my luck has been of late it went down hill on a rocket sled.
    Day three we got togged for a ride out, wifes bike flat. Two attempts to charge it but no, duff battery. Dealer to his credit sent out a quality replacement under warranty and two days later we had our ride out but were court out in some heavy rain. The wife pulls in to say the oil light had come on. check oil is OK it is, so the switch had shorted. Dealer again sends out a new switch under warranty and all is well. What follows is a couple of weeks of trouble free motoring.
    Wife and myself set off for a trip to Austria to see our son ( 620ie and my 1100evo ) all was going well till we hit heavy rain for Belgium all the way to Austria. Her bike was coughing and sneezing but other than that went well.
    Set off home in some nice weather and all was good until we were @ 150 miles into Germany and her bike just dies as she's halfway through an overtake. Bike cranks OK but will not fire up I check as much as I can but no good so recovery is called.
    She is taken to Memmingen a small industrial town and she is dumped at a petrol station and the bike vanishes on the back of the truck. She says the driver had been talking away in the truck in german, she assumes he was giving he info on what was too happen. Two hours later nothing so we phone recovery again to be told he shouldnt have done that and theyed sort it. Another hour and they call back to say they'ed booked us a hotel just around the corner for the night and the bike was going to the nearest Ducati dealer in the morning, nice.
    The next day they start to argue the toss that if the dealer can't fix it the cost of recovery to the UK would be more than the value of the bike and basically your on your own after that.
    Well I flipped out by then, the wife in tears. After some long and sometimes loud phone calls there attitude completely changed. Within two hours the wife was book on a plane from Munich, a taxi to take her there and a hire car from Gatwick to derive home.
    That left me to do 800 miles back to Scarborough on my own ( boo, hoo ). I got Luxemburg by the end of the day and did the the run home in one hit the next day, 637 miles in 13 hours including 3 hours total ferry time.
    Her bike is still somewhere in Europe and is due back sometime before the 6 June and then to Cobb & Jagger to be fixed.
    Very worried as to the state the bikes gonna be in by the time it gets back here. O bugger.
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  2. Could you not have pillioned her? Maybe shipped any luggage back? Sounds like a b'std tho anyway up...
  3. id be asking for some free servicing from the dealer for all the worry...
  4. I'd be asking to dealer to take the crock of shit back and giving me my money back.
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  5. Too much luggage and any way the wife was so depressed that she just wanted to go home. The dealer has promised he will fix it and will send their van over to pick it up. But yes I'm more inclined to tell him to cram it !!
    I should have seen it coming. When I initially showed an interest in it he knocked £500 off the price with no arm twisting at all, he wanted rid asap.
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  6. Oh man :( I feel for your wife and you
  7. Total bummer.

    You have my every sympathy.
    Get refund. Try again.
  8. Oh dear :-(

    My Mrs has a 620ie which we bought privately and it has never given us any trouble - fantastic little bike.

    Sorry to hear about your problems.
  9. The wife passes on her thanx for all your concern and she's not gonna give up on it just yet. :)
  10. UPDATE
    Took bike through on Saturday in a hired van as I was told that their van wasn't available for a week. Rehurst my angery speech in the van all the way over. Paul the salesman seemed very busy (avoiding me) so what looked like a member of the public ask if he could help. I was busting to let rip by now so he got both barrels.
    Well after id vented my spleen he introduced himself as Mr Cobb and was very apologetic about what had happed and seemed angery with his staff. Well after a long and friendly chat he has offer a complete repair and if we're still not happy a full refund or a good deal on another bike as way of a good will gesture.
    Hopefully a result I think.
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  11. What a shame the holiday was ruined for you both by all that . Hope its finally sorted.:smile:
  12. Someone will be for the high jump then if you ended up venting to the man at the top.
  13. Sounds like it was built on a Friday afternoon ...
    I think I would be returning it I'm afraid
  14. Nightmare holiday, I hope the owner of the shop is good to his word. Get rid of it and get something else.
    Went and picked bike up today, purrs like a kitten. New Ducati performance clutch slave cylinder, a airbox lid, two relays ( that were the culprits of the breakdown ) and a full valet all free of charge.
    Also a three month extension to the warranty taking it to the end of October and the next service free of charge ( in writing ).
    Now I think that's a pretty good deal, let's hope it run trouble free from now on.
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  16. Here's hoping you now have many trouble free years!
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  17. Fingers crossed for you Charlie is a good lad. He will look after you.
  18. Just realised that I now own this bike which I bought in 2016,I have had a totally trouble free experience, love it.
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  19. Good update...
  20. Hopefully that's the end of that. What a debacle
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