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1199 Market For Panigale R Seems Gloomy

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by ibgarrow, Jul 12, 2023.

  1. I thought of trading in my Gen 2 2015 Panigale R, but the market seems to have gone. Flat refusal to contemplate taking it from all dealers up here (North England and Scotland), even for a new V4 Pikes Peak.
    Has anyone else found this, or am I looking in the wrong place.?
  2. Rising interest rates have a nasty impact on the willingness of dealers to add inventory.
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  3. think moto rapido still have @Expat Jack R in the show room, people just not buying them.

    god knows why there amazing bikes to ride.
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  4. The ‘R’ stuff is starting to go really flat because you can’t PCP it so looking at HP with silly silly interest rates, those looking at them as investments if they haven’t just got the cash lying around, they won’t finance that sort of interest rate I don’t think
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  5. Dealer refused to take my Panigale V4S last month against a Diavel, said they weren’t buying anymore sports bikes
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  6. Had my 899 fixed at Cambridge ducati at the weekend and they had no v2s just v4 specials and nakeds, some scramblers and the mutleys that are bigger than my shed.
  7. Sod dropping one of them btw you’d need a crane to pick it back up.
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  8. Correct on both counts.

    If I were you I would try a few more dealers further south. I px’d mine against another Pani. I tried three dealers, two of whom were happy to provide a px price although they were very different. The third had a 1299FE in stock and would not take mine.
    This was last year and the market conditions have definitely hardened but I believe with a little research of the target dealers current used stock list you should get an offer or two.
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  9. Wow!
  10. Is it super modified? Or totally stock, ie could be sold as approved used?
  11. Stock, plus radiator guards, billet reservoirs, integrated rear light on tail tidy. Just had new water pump. Tracker. MoT until ‘24.
    1500 mile gap in service history between 2018-2021 is cited by Northern dealers as reason they won’t accept it.
  12. Covid? :upyeah:
  13. Possibly that plus Cost of Living/mortgages
  14. I meant the reason for the service history gap.
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  15. Dunno. I think it was in Riders of Bridgwater for some time before I bought it.
    PS they’ve just valued it at £15000 ☹️
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  16. The mileage and service history don’t do anything to help it’s sale but considering what’s been advertised over the last 12/18 months it’s coming in a least £4000 cheaper.
  17. Worse case scenario- you keep it a while. Niiiiiice :):upyeah:

    Wanna swap it with an immaculate (down one side) V4S :D
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