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Maybe I Should Have Bought An Xr ;)

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bradders, Jul 24, 2019.

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  1. That's bad ass!! :upyeah:
  2. I can categorically state that that won't be my neighbour who's got one. It's an achievement when he takes it over 30mph :bucktooth:
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  3. That's how I see most BMW owners riding anyway!:confused:
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  4. Can you paddle a raft then bradders?
  5. F1518445-D033-44C3-B478-229893B8DFE4.jpeg I do that on my GS going to Waitrose.
    Water obstacle :cool:
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  6. Let's hope he doesn't sign up for membership for your sake;)
  7. I've told him to his face.
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  8. rumor has it that the next XR will be a full fat 200bhp version.....
  9. Why would I want to do that to a bike ? Not that I'm capable of riding a bike like that even if I wanted to. Andy
  10. Yeah - "mechanical sympathy" is right out the window....
  11. 1. because you can and 2. because its someone else ;)
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  12. Might pull mine out the garage this weekend and try that, I've got those new Angel GT 2 to bed in after all.
    I'll say now that after the attempt at a mere rolling burnout I'll probably bin it and my next post will be

    'Bradders you Bastard' :joy:
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  13. Glad I bought mine in red then. Looks like they go quite well .....

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  14. Not the prettiest bike in the stable though is it and I’ve got a GS!
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  15. Imagine the sales advert when they they sell that bike
    One careful owner, never seen rain or been on a track :joy:
  16. That is one miss spent youth....or...maybe it was well spent.

    He’d done several passes on the burnouts. You could see the rubber on the tarmac.
  17. I'll only need one pass, when I say 'need' what I really mean is 'survive' o_O
  18. Well he won't get far touring if he treats the tyres like that will he!
  19. Those front wheelies are insane on a bike that size. Awesome