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Featured Medical Meth Head , A Story Of Adhd Diagnosis

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by freshage, Mar 16, 2024.

  1. Ooo, catchy title eh? No, not crystal, but the medical meth :D for ADHD.

    I wanted to create this post as a bit of a story given my experience and hopefully reach out to others who may also find them selves curious about ADHD or similar.

    3 years ago I abruptly ended my almost 2 decade long drinking binge, it was innocent for a while but towards the end, not so much. I quit and moved to marijuana and only smoked at set times as it really helped calm me down and instead of getting drunk, I just became a little goofy. Life was on the up!

    Fast forward 2 years after quitting, things were not right, my work was becoming harder to complete, my focus and moods were all over the place and I just couldn't keep my brain engaged. My wife then said enough is enough, go get bloody checked as she had her suspicions for a while that I had a broken noggin.

    Fast forward a year, it's been a month since I had my diagnosis and holy shit, I was operating on a lemon my entire life. It turns out I had/have ADHD pretty bad (99th percentile for a lot of the tests) however due to my age it was very well masked on the outside.

    Following the diagnosis which was all done in a day, from the first chat, to the first drug trial to diagnosis and prescription. One bloody day, efficient Dutchies! My life has changed... Now I never thought I had adhd, if so, a tiny amount or it was just people throwing around the term because it's what the young trend is these days.

    However, after taking medication (I don't mind going into detail, but I'll have a mod confirm it's appropriate first) it was like a misfire was solved, a misfire I never knew I had. The best way I can describe it, it is as though you forgot you had pins and needles and only noticed when it dissipated. The same feeling, but in my brain... No noise, I can hold eye contact, conversations are easier, work is easier. Life just got switched over to 'easy' mode.

    Naturally, the medication isn't an instant solution, it takes time. I'm told a year for the brain and body to fully get accustom to the dopamine level change, at least that's what a friend I've made also on the same diagnosis said. It's been weird as I've been rushed into rediscovering who I even am, how to manage my new found ability of... Doing.

    But it all brings me down to this, please, fuck the age, if you feel something isn't right, get checked. It's never too late and for brain farts, the science has clearly advanced. This new journey if you want to call it that is nothing short of a second chance at life for me.

    Ask any questions, I don't care for stigma so I have nothing to hide, I just hope it helps.
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  2. My daughters PhD research project is on late diagnosis of ADHD in adults. I think she has enough people for her study but I’ll check if she needs any more.
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  3. https://www.acas.org.uk/what-disability-means-by-law

    Neurodiversity including ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia are forms of neurodivergence – there are others too.

    Being neurodivergent will often amount to a disability under the Equality Act 2010, even if the person does not consider themselves to be disabled.
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  4. More than happy to help if she would like to talk
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  5. Interesting! I never thought about it's classification in that sense. I'll check out how it is here. Thanks!
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  6. Great post! Could you share your age? Thx :upyeah:
  7. My 14YO was recently diagnosed. Along with Dispraxia and slight Autism.

    It took us 2 years. Both primary and his first secondary school did f-all despite us raising concerns many times.

    He’s now on meds to help him focus and concentrate at school and it’s definitely helped.

    The process has led me to believe I exhibit some of the symptoms so I may well look into myself. Although I suspect I will have to take the private route.

    Good to read your post and very pleased you’ve got it under management.
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  8. All the best to you and your wife :upyeah:
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  9. I think it brilliant that you are prepared to share such a personal thing (in order to help any other victims out there)
    All the very best.
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  10. Late 30's, diagnosed just in time before the mid life crisis when I turn 40.

    And I wasn't the oldest at the clinic the days I've been there, far from.
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  11. She said thank you. Apparently she has completed the interview part of the research but said you comments will be good for her background section
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  12. As I'm sure her research will show or touched upon, I learnt from the medical boffins that substance abuse and ADHD go hand in hand. Especially alcohol as it numbs the brain.

    It's a great subject to dive into, you must be proud. Thanks!
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  13. I get what you are saying but its only a disability in so much as the way we live in our society and the very narrow focus on what is deemed 'normal'.

    Einstein had it spot on.

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  14. Im not sure what your saying
  15. That modern society defines as a disability because it doesn’t fit within the framework of what they want. There are aspects of adhd that are actually a useful skill to have. It’s why many end up as computer geniuses. Alan Turing is a prime example.
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  16. Sadly, it doesn't explain my need to gobble a box of jelly beans in one go. Maybe one day :D
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  17. That’s just normal human behaviour :D

    Did you read that recent study that adhd traits would have been very useful when humans needs to forage for food? Maybe it’s related. :D
  18. Yea I did actually, pretty interesting. It makes sense, but in video games, I can't leave an object unlooted, even if that means looting multiple times lol.
  19. Thanks for sharing your story.

    My brother, who is a senior psych nurse, has been saying for years that he’s pretty sure I have it and I should get tested. I never have though, mainly because (a) I’d read that the meds are quite hardcore and as I didn’t fancy being drugged up to the eyeballs, I didn’t see the point in getting a diagnosis, (b) by the time I’d found out that meds have improved a lot, it seemed like everyone was claiming to have ADHD, to the extent that it has become a trendy accoutrements, and one thing guaranteed to put me off something is if it’s the “in thing”.

    Given what you’ve said about how the meds help you, I’m starting to change my mind. However, me being me, I’ll probably never get round to making the appointment…….
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