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Members/posters That Disappear

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by Martin D, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Who you calling Morons?:p
    Come back Tel
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  2. No Cirus Ringmaster,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, No show:(
  3. As Floyd said...….the show must go on.
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  4. Are the lunatics in charge of the asylum?????
  5. no, just a small clique...
  6. Ffs I go off, to try and make other people have a good time off he forum, and it all fall apart!
  7. Just had a Chinese for tea. Fancy some of this for afters .

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  8. Delicate question warning.....................

    I've tentatively stepped back to the keyboard, going forward has anything changed ?

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  9. It’s all going to Hell in a hand cart, seemingly!
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  10. Do they serve alcohol and have go..go girls there;)
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  11. Of course come on in, apart from the constant screaming it’s really quite cozy
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  12. As long as HRH is not driving,book me a seat PDQ;)
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  13. Im going down the shed.Cuppa tea and a fag.I suggest we all do the same......Not that youll all fit!
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  14. Dam, I only have a Log cabin Garage :(
  15. Creamy's shed should be large enough for everyone - it's ace!
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  16. Bugger you lot,no one showed.
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  17. Fuck's sake, Creamy!

    I can never remember whether it's a garage or a shed so I started calling it a structure but that wasn't good enough for you, oh no, and you had a hissy fit so I had to plumb for one or the other and I guessed wrong and you've gone and had another hissy fit and there's just no pleasing you, is there? Shed Boy.
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  18. First Nuke of the non El T era too - and look what thread its in, MR R's prophesy begins :eyes:
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  19. Crazy nuker shed boys will run amok, I guarantee it.

    Come back @mattmccabebrown, all is forgiven!
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