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Metzler/pirelli Apr-june £40-off Promotion

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Keith_P, Apr 3, 2021.

  1. Just got this link for a promo from my local fitter - it's from now to the end of June. It's for a fitted front/rear combo as long as your dealer supports it. Metzler's T&Cs PDF attached.

    Edit: ...and the corresponding Pirelli promo...


    I may as well go the whole hog & plug Lee (EMJ Bike Tyres) for his friendly mobile tyre services around the Bristol region as it was his original link. Nice bloke.

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  2. Just about to get a pair of Roadtech 01SE’s so thanks for posting. Andy
  3. Very handy post for lots of us, thanks and much appreciated!
  4. What are the option tyre choices for the Pirelli? :)

  5. Angel GTII = £50 Pre-Paid Credit Card
    Angel GT = £25 Pre-Paid Credit Card
    Angel ST = £10 Pre-Paid Credit Card
  6. Odd that you get £50 for the Angel GT2 but only £40 for the Metzeler. I’m not in the market for the Angel :( Andy
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