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Featured Mg-20, The First Folding Magnesium E-bike In The Ducati Urban E-mobility Line

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by El Toro, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. Ducati presents MG-20, the first folding e-bike in magnesium in the Ducati Urban e-Mobility line, developed under license by MT Distribution.

    The new MG-20 is nimble and light. The sporting character of Ducati is underlined by its distinctive design, characterized by a fluid and aerodynamic profile, and by the sharp lines of the six-spoke rims, both made with a die-casting technique.

    Frame, forks and rims are made of magnesium, a material that ensures lightness and solidity, thus providing maximum performance without affecting impact resistance. The small size of the wheels (20" x 2.125") and the possibility of easily folding the e-bike and pedals make MG-20 the ideal vehicle for urban travel, also convenient for combined use with public and private transport thanks to its minimum size.

    The e-bike is equipped with a 250W rear motor capable of recognizing the road conditions, the slope and the force used in pedalling, providing the appropriate level of assistance depending on the riding mode selected. The 36V 10.5Ah 378Wh SAMSUNG battery is integrated into the frame and can be pulled out for more convenient charging. A full charge allows you to travel up to 50 km, at a maximum speed of 25km/h, as per regulations.

    Management of the main functions, such as switching on the lights and selecting between three levels of assistance (12-18-25 km/h), takes place via the waterproof LCD display. The front LED headlight and the reflective strips on the wheels ensure safer riding even at night.

    The MG-20 will be available from July 2021 at dealerships and in the official Ducati e-shop, as well as in specialized consumer electronics stores and major online stores.

    Further information on all products in the Ducati Urban e-Mobility range are available on the website www.ducatiurbanemobility.com.
  2. Christ on a… o_O
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  3. Go on, give us a laugh, how much? My sister and her husband have just bought a pair of E bikes for mincing around Kielder and Hamsterley Forest. 5k each!! :astonished: And that's without Ducati stickers on them...
  4. and what is the maximum rider weight limit ? Andy
  5. And as with all of these e-scooters where can you legally ride them in the UK?
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  6. This isn’t an e-scooter, think updated Moulton folding bike. Andy
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  7. It's not an escooter, it's an electrically assisted bike, and legal on all roads provided its speed limited (which this one will be)
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  8. I was replying to Freak about e scooters which is what was shown in the original link.
  9. One in the link was a scooter
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  10. The link tells lies :joy: Andy
  11. [​IMG]

    Feel the passion.


    Feel the power...


    Make life a ride... or something.
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  12. That's Ducati's marketing dept for you ;)
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  13. Looks like someones tied a pen to their cock, got pissed and tried to draw a bike.
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  14. Most top end eMTB are getting into 5 figures now, crazy money.

    I've got a mate who bought one back end of last year, I was all against them give I'd spent 5 large on a human powered one and never saw the point, that was until he started flying up the climbs and had a bucket load of energy for the downhills, same last weekend - me knackered him laughing his socks off (and he's a big unfit Welsh guy).
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