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  1. I'm thinking of having a few weeks off in Sep and taking maybe the 900ss . Any advice on best way to get there from London and places to see/ stay on the way greatly appreciated. Only decided an hr ago and have no clue and done no research but I'm thinking 3-4 days to get there as I don't like riding more than 300 miles in a day, don't want to rush and would enjoy staying in a few different towns on the way.
    anyone else heading over? Very lose plan is setting off the sat a week before the race and home the Tues after.
  2. I went last year and 2 years before that. Last year it was sold out it was a nightmare getting in and out. I would recommend the Grandstand called Brutapale Gold if you don't mind Rossi fans
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  3. It's three hard riding days to get there. 4 days is better. 5 better still.

    Belgium, Black Forest, Switzerland, Como is the route we took.

    Stay in Cattolica and you can walk to the circuit. Best way. Any other way is madness. :D

    Book into the Rossi stand. Even if you are not a big fan, it's a great experience especially if he wins as he did when we went.
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  4. If you want Cattolica you need to get in quick. I stayed in Rimmini at the Hotel Stressa which was fantastic Value. 100yds up the road is a bus stop I caught the bus down to the terminus can't remember if it is Cattolica or Riccione. From there I got a free Shuttle bus to the circuit and back to the Terminus afterwards. Glad I did last year even bikes were stuck in the traffic
  5. Some shots from "brutapale gold"




  6. Hotel vanni in Misano and walk to the track , last year was wild and Prato 2 was bunged, was hard to even see . If in the area visit tavulia rossis home village and Coriano simoncelli museum and it would be rude not to visit Ducati museum and ferrari museum.
  7. Last September it was still bloody hot, the wives sun bathed on beach while we indulged in race bikes. I think it was between 25 and 30 degrees though the weather usually breaks in September. Catholics is more lively than Misano though there is more nightlife every year we go . San Marino is worth a visit if you have time. Regards travel, we bring the wives and kids , fly to bologna and go for a week or ten days as our summer holidays though we are thinking of going to Syria this year for the sand and sun , immolation is an hour or so by train from Misano and is worth a visit if your ever in the area for wsb it's a fantastic track with bars and restaurants inside it. One was run by a German mountaineer though that was all beer fuzzy in my memory.
    If you need to know anything just ask. Stephen.
  8. great info so far chaps. I need to plot a route. Im shit with geography, some one suggested ferry to Santander and go from there. Possible? Practical? Good? I need to get to an internet café as trying to view maps n stuff on me phn is shite

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