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Missing Surfer In Hastings Found Alive

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Dirty Leeds, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. 5 is a my lucky number,and i'm staying put.;)
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  2. Why don’t you take helicopter lessons unless you already fly them? Then you can rescue likeminded individuals job jobbed
  3. Good taste
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  4. errrr... or not... he has a early fugly as well....
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  5. 2 mates in the service both in the air corp rescue choppers they love time wasters ringing in to report people in trouble only to turn out to mates of there's on the water , but plenty of couch potatoes love a chance to cause a little drama !
  6. Are you that bloke from the 1980's T.V series The Chinese Detective.;)
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  8. no. i'm Spartacus.
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  9. its 1100s not the 1000ds. two completely different bikes.
  10. Always a story like that one comes along, right Guinness time for this potato I’m off to get satayed
  11. and before you say it isny, aye it is.
  12. Should us bikers do the same when we hit a ditch while out for a Sunday spin ?
    #32 theskitz, Feb 9, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2020
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  13. I'd say thats your lot pies and pints ! You might go extreme and sit on a high stool :D
  14. You can't be:confused:,as he's pushing up daisies as we speak.;)
  15. Should we pay when a chopper is sent out to us when were broke up on some sublime piece of mountain road when some old dear claims we were going too fast which we obviously were not :p
  16. i was gunna say it isny, but i dont know what that means.....
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  17. Yeah if we go out in a snow storm on a bike, a bit of comunity service to pay back isn't a bad idea.
  18. isn't :bucktooth:
  19. that wasn't Spartacus. i'm Spartacus.
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