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Missing Surfer In Hastings Found Alive

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by I'm closing in, Feb 9, 2020.

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  1. I remember jumping off my dads shed with a similar parachute no wonder my knees are fucked it also might explain my short legs o_O
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  2. tut tut. so irresponsible
    btw, I get the original sentiment in this thread.
    but, you know. where do you draw the line.
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  3. The rnli boat today in the rescue/search for the surfer

  4. Boat almost capsizes ? They self rite and all the crew are strapped into buckets seats to stop them getting injuries , they are brave as fuck though !
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  5. From the same twitter user theres another video complaining he refused help which could have saved a big scene ? In the video it shows him being pushed out and heading parallel to the beach to avoid the rip in that area so he told people he didn't need help according to the same twitter account !
  6. all hail the mail.
  7. he knows. trust me, he is just warming up.
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  8. I know dude I've seen the game played on several threads I don't ever get involved and I'm bailing here too !! :p
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  9. Specious maybe ;)
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  10. if you're implying between the ears. then yes. :p
  11. :):upyeah::upyeah:
    Used to be an industrial abseiler so went a bit higher...but you know...FA.. Internet on mate
  12. Listened to 5 live tonight, fella representing RNLI was very professional but you only need to listen to know he was biting his lip. Very professional interview by someone who was pretty annoyed or frustrated.
  13. This is the Internet not chat in a pub where we can laugh etc everything is taken so seriously it’s fucking rubbish...yes I wish the twat was fish food on here, but if he walked into the bar dripping wet I’d piss myself and maybe helicopter man would piss himself and maybe upside down RNLI men would laugh? I absolutely think he is a twat and listening to chief RNLI man he does too but it matters not as twat is in bed alone I would think or he will be when his better half hears what the twat has done.
  14. So apologies to everyone offended but this is a forum and generally a light hearted one but occasionally you got say a twat is a twat and surfer man in storm of the century is a twat of twats

    But apologies if offended, I have to be in Newcastle in the morning moving Chinese so I have enough on my plate .....yes it’s humour :)
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  15. Surfer decides to stick with terra firma in the future from now on in...................not quite the same rush is it.:(

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