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Mm93 (again!)

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by Symon Moore, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. Appreciate this won’t be to everyone’s taste but I would love to see Marquez on the Ducati
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  2. It would be an interesting proposition but i think he will stay with Honda until he retires now.
  3. I’d like to see him on the KTM…
  4. I’d like to see him retire now. No doubt he is a very talented rider but surely the injury he has plus falling off as much as he does will have a negative effect on his future post racing.
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  5. Maybe one of the few riders that could make the Ducati work in my book
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  6. In light of the age band of most of his competitors and his physical limitations, I think today proved he has not lost any determination, even when he is not at his true potential.
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  7. No chance of that happening any time soon. Maybe after winning another title. But only maybe.
  8. I see your not an on the nose but a each way betting man.
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  9. MM93 won't win another title, his best days are behind him.
  10. You might be right, but looking at him pushing so hard, despite his current problems says to me that he doesn't agree with you.
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  11. I'm not an "all in guy" on things that I am not directly involved with thats for sure.
  12. I'm the opposite with liking the whole nine yards routine.
  13. Hmm, are you sure? If Joan Mir can lift the title MM certainly can.

    Maybe his best days are behind him, we’ll find out next season. He still has the desire. We saw that yesterday…
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  14. After his accident and subsequent difficult ongoing recovery I have stated this for some time, he had a great race yesterday but he's not the rider he was, if he hadn't got a great start he'd of been buried in the pack getting beaten up by everyone as we've seen all season.

    He missed two rounds, so done 11 races this year??? and way down in the championship, with the likes of FQ20, FB63, JM36, BB33, AE41 plus Jorge Martin, Miguel Oliveira all in the mix and non of them scared to get their elbows out we've seen the best of MM93 now.

    He'll win races, possibly only l/handed circuits - Sachsenring, Aragon, Valencia, COTA but I suspect that will be it.

    As for moving to Ducati, that won't happen he's got a 4-5 year deal with Honda and given he's past his best and commanding 25M Euro per year other than PR Ducati would be mad to hire him, there's far too much talent coming through the ranks for when his contract is up to consider him. Ducati have in my mind now got a good selection of riders and with 8 bikes on the grid next year they will be funnelling riders from the lower classes up through the various Ducati teams up to the Pramac (factory supported) or factory teams.
  15. My point is only that I’d love to see him on the Ducati. We’ll see next year whether he’s still capable of winning another title it looks as though he thinks he is and if that’s true the only thing really missing is the top line speed of the Honda. I think he’d have won that race yesterday easily if he could’ve taken his corner speed & racecraft into the straits against the Ducati.
    I can’t see it happening either but doesn’t stop me wishing it
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  16. Watching the top speeds on the back straight MM was always 1-2kph quicker than Peco, it doesn't lack any ponies now
  17. There's little doubt that he can get a 'not so good' bike to go wonderfully well, a bit like Stoner. You only have to look where his team mates are.
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  18. Peco properly beat him. Rather have Peco on the Ducati.
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  19. Why would he jump from Honda to Ducati? Honda builds the bike to suit him..not sure Ducati would do the same when it took 1/2 year for Jorge to convince them to do couple of small adjustments.

    Hot an MM fan. However, if he manages to get back 97% of his body strength, he would easily win at least one more title.
    MM also has good mental healt, just consider Zarco, Fabio, Vinales's (and many more) behaviour on some occasions.
  20. I guess we all see it differently. Imo Peco did a great job fending him off and I take nothing away from him but had Marquez been able to keep up with him as soon as he exited the corner, it would’ve been a very different story. That Ducati is rapid in a straight line.
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