1200 R Model Update?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Jordan, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. I’m considering the monster R as my next bike when.

    I’m wondering when we should expect the monster R to get the update to the newer electronics package that the monster S has, and potentially some other tweaks? It seems like it overdue a refresh since 2015 after the S model received one last year.

    I wouldn’t normally consider this when buying a bike, and just punt for whatever my heart wants. Unfortunately after suffering some heafty depreciation on my multistrada (potentially worsened by the release of an updated model 1 year after buying mine) it’s something I have to consider.

    Also it’s very frustrating paying out for a new bike and feeling shortchanged when it’s improved and sold at the same price just months later.

    What are your opinions on the matter? Would you wait in my situation, Or go for it? For context the speed triple RS is a consideration too. Obviously on the Ducati forum this might be irrelevant, but it’s an awesome bike!
  2. I still can’t believe they didn’t release a monster 1200rs, to celebbrate the monster’s birthday this year.
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  3. The speed triple is the watery shit of a donkey compared to the monster R.
  4. Lol have you ridden both?

    I loved the monster R, it was a proper wheelie machine, felt a bit lacking top end power, very nice light handling with the forged wheels.

    The speed triple felt quicker at the top of the Rev range, and when you turn off the electronics ( which the monster doesn’t need doing due to the lack of cornering abs and wheelie control ) it was also a complete hooligan. Quickshifter was nice too, and a few grand cheaper. It’s not a Duc though!
  5. I’ve not ridden either.

    I’m all about giving people unqualified extreme opinions!

    But just look at them! The triumph is for pansies. And one is called monster! Come on son.
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  6. These truly are wise words
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  7. Jordan
    Like you, just sold my much depreciated valued Multi. Got an ex demo Monster R as well as a GSA for touring instead of the Multi. Had test rides on various nakeds, including the Triumph RS, KTM Superduke R etc. More expensive than I wanted, but the Monster R just had something about it. More than
    the Triumph for me, tho to be honest, I never rode either to your level during a test !! The R was also more comfy than the Monster S tho I liked the look of the grey S more.
    Hoping that with it being an R, it will hold value a bit longer, even if they do end up coming out with an updated version sometime soonish. Kinda know where you coming from.... I was there too !!
  8. Good to hear!

    Monster R is lovely, I did find it much more comfortable than the S as well. S was far too cramped, the quickshifter was disappointing too! I was actually perfectly happy with the monster R package. It’s very annoying that I’ve decided to be logical and consider re sale values.

    The RS is a great deal and a cracking bike. It’s a tough decision to make, like I say I wish future thought had less to do with it.

    Would be good to hear any opinions on future update and how much that’ll hurt resale. Not sure how much the 1260 multi hurt my 1200 DVT?
  9. Yes the S was too cramped for me too. Knee problems mean whatever naked bike I got was never gonna be a ‘long termer’ but wanted to do it whilst I could, if you know what I mean ! I’m a bit like you, consider the future....often waiting for the next new version to come out, but sometimes you just gotta go with it in the ‘there and now’ !! As I say, I went for a new GSA, but Rumours already that a newer version GS with more power is in the pipeline....bugger, just after I got mine too. But then hey ho, it only rumour, and may not be for another 2 years, so let’s enjoy mine for that time.
    Personally, I do think the 1260 coming out and being a hit, did hit the resale value of my Multi. With finance options like PCP on a new bike, it seemed to affect the 2nd hand market for DVT models....at least IMO. Good luck with any decision....kinda nice problem to have tho huh !!!
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  10. Could they be holding the R update to replace it with the V4 streetfigher?
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  11. @Jordan Surely the best way to avoid big chunks of depreciation is to avoid buying new . Why not buy the cheapest current secondhand Monster R you can find ? That way you can check it scratches your itch. You may even like it so much you dont need to swap it for a shinier one if and when they eventually come out and if you really feel you must the pain wont be so bad.
  12. You’re quite right, a good 400 mile old one went from a local dealer recently. Only issue was it was almost 1 year in to its warranty, and there was no option to extend this. Apart from that it was a cracking deal with the appreciation already gone.
  13. I would buy one in a heartbeat!
  14. I'm considering a monster R for my 2nd bike.

    can't decide on the R or the S as on paper they're pretty similar. The R does seem to have that bit of special feel about it though
  15. I bought an ex demo 1200r , 8 months old with 600 miles on the clock . Saved 4K compared to a new one.
  16. I think warranties can be bought from a variety of sources, it does not need to a Ducati warranty. Out of interest, what was the saving ?
  17. Just buy the SuperDuke 1290, it’s a real mans bike with a proper engine and it’s built to last.

    I’m actually hoping they have not released a Monster R as there is a new Streetfighter around the corner. Let’s just hope it’s not made of cheese.
  18. Me too. I bought a 2016 R ex demo with 900 miles on, for nigh on 4K less the new. Had decided that I couldn’t afford / justify the cost of a new one, when there were other great naked bikes out there for 4 or 5K less than the price of a new R, but the price reduction and some offers on ‘bling’ persuaded me in the end to go for it. Being an ex demo, it needed a little TLC, but was happy to do that. No regrets...
  19. I went to see both today and the R is the kne for me no doubt

    £16300 with free termi and a £250 clothing voucher...

    There’s a lot of used ones with low miles floating about too
  20. There’s no such thing as a real man’s bike.