1200 R Model Update?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Jordan, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Was that model Triumph also made in China .... if so not externally a "fly the flag" British bike ... at least the Ducati's are still made in Italy !
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  2. Think I read it’s £17300
  3. Don't actually like the colour of that, prefer it in red.
  4. 2018-06-28_10-04-48.jpg
  5. TBH if a new Streetfighter is in development i would think its more likely the 1200R will be phased out.
  6. Ducatis are manufactured in Italy yes, but they also have manufacturing plants in Thailand and Brazil. :thinkingface:
  7. If they do make the v4 streetfighter I would defo be interested.
  8. Me too if it looks like this.

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  9. That to me just looks like the Panigale with the fairings off, whereas the original looked much more thought about than a naked 1098.
  10. 1200R is just an excuse to change something by not a lot, raise the seat height so it is too high for me and @bradders and charge an extortionate amount of money :( (I am not bitter :) )
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  11. I just bought a second hand standard 1200 monster with Termis and upmap. Blimey, what a bike. Cant say I miss the extra 10-15 bhp & Ohlins of the S or R but then I haven`t ridden either. Maybe the Termis add a Shetland Pony or two, who knows. Either way it is so good it is stopping me from wanting to ride anything else.
  12. What year bike is your Monster?
  13. That’s because that is what it is in that photo.
  14. 2016 , registered late December so nearly a 2017 bike but not the later , more powerful model.
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  15. Are you considering getting one ?
  16. Erm, no it's not. It has new smaller fairings and a different nose, hence 'Custom Design'.
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  17. Buy a SuperDuke while you’re waiting for Ducati to sort their lineup out ;)