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Modified Superlight Mkv Recommisioning

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Maxypriest, May 19, 2020.

  1. After being off the road for 3 years (coinciding with the birth of #2) and this Covid business making the thought of traveling on the train and tube less appealing by the minute… I have decided to get her back o the road. Big service, some tidying up jobs and some repairs too.

    I have to add I love this bike - its my keeper, others have come and gone - this one will always be there and has become part of my 'Brand' if you catch my drift.

    I did an extensive thread on the build on the old Ducatisti site - gone now.
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  2. What a excellent looking machine and i want one PDQ.
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  3. Firstly I have serviced the engine and checked the valves - only one clearance had moved a touch - the horizontal opener inlet from .1 to .12 still in spec - these are spot on and with one exception as I set them years and 000 of miles ago. The openers are the easy ones to adjust too. As I went through the bike I was reminded of all the little and big things I did that i'd for gotten about (like the 748RS Verniers). She's a bit mucky, however I use her hard and she's got nearly 35,000 miles under her wheels.
    engine side view.JPG
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  4. One thing I did notice was that the main feed to the starter from the solenoid boot was touching the cylinder head. I'm not sure if they are all like that sir, or if its because my bike has ie heads. Anyway - its a recipe for disaster, so a hunt around the metal bin, a spot of welding and a rattle of silver and she's relocated a touch between the pots.
    solenoid boot.JPG solenoid bracket 1.JPG solenoid boot.JPG solenoid bracket 1.JPG solenoid bracket 2.JPG solenoid bracket 3.JPG repositioned Starter solenoid.JPG
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  5. Oh - notice the large gauge audio amp + feed wires and earths - these flow current beautifully and the engine cranks with real enthusiasm even with hi comp pistons. The difference between these and the standard wires is night/day.

    I made the terminals from copper piping and soldered the wires to them :)
  6. Another thing that was bugging me was the oil temp - or what the gauge was indicating.
    so I jerry rigged this test with fresh hot water from the kettle
    temp sender test .JPG
  7. ...and yes - the oil temp gauge had gone all Italian on me. Has the gauge died? any one any ideas? The sender is new.
    oil temp gauge pegged.JPG
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  8. New plugs have arrived and a pair of battery straps - I buy the D8EA's by the box - they are less than £2 each and work beautifully... got a load of brass bullets too - I nip 'em up then put a blob of Loctite in the top to stop them unscrewing.
    Plugs and straps.jpg
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  9. Thanks! - she rides beautifully, the engine is a stonker and tuned for fast road - she has converted a few people to the world of Ducatis after a ride on her.
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  10. I'm still looking for a nice one for my collection,just not sure if yellow or red on the colour front.
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  11. Just wondering where the return wire from the oil temp goes to? Or is it from the earth point the gauge has always used. I did a similar test to get my oil temp working and seem to remember the gauge not working because of the earth point I was using.
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  12. Bike looks stunning btw.
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  13. I earthed it to the engine - the small long nose mole grips clamp the wire hard for a good connection - I've done this before and the earth was not good enough so the gauge did not show anything.
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  14. T!TS and AR$E
    Frame Crack.JPG
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  15. ARSE Indeed.
    Been there done that.
    Luckily it was 20 years ago and they were still dishing out new frames FOC if you paid the labour to get the change-over done.
    There was a company at Pocklington who were welding braces onto the frames some years ago.
    Unless you know someone else, it may be worth checking if they are still on the go and if they are prepared to tackle the job.
    If you contact Ducati for a warranty claim ask about a fork seal for me, my '94 900SS blew its first one at just over 72000 miles last year.
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  16. oil gauge is just for ornamentation on these as you can't do bugger all about the temp anyway!
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  17. If someone is asking £12k for a standard'ish 748, fook knows what these are now worth
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  18. You still can pick them up for under £5k,but with the higher mileage on display,which some buying folk don;t worry about in life.
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