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Monoposto Seat / Tail

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Mathias Lind, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Looking for a monoposto seat to 998. Plesae let me know if you have one preferebly in excellent condition and OEM.





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  2. Hi buddy and welcome the seat unit in the picture wouldn't be for a 998 , it would have had silver pin stripe and painted slightly different and just have superbike on the side profile !! the picture is off an earlier 916\996
  3. The correct oem monopoto seat for a 998.

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  4. Many thanks for the update. These pictures was just pictures taken from the forom of a seat that i thought looked good. It feels like I am the right group with skilled enthusists. First for me everything shall be OEM and if i can find this item for 998 specificially would be the best. I have now found one for sale but its for 996 SPS not superbike sticker. Maybe i can remove the SPS sticker with a superbike sticker and add a layer of clear coat on top. These seats seems so hard to find a new costs 700-800€, but maybe I will go for a new.

    If a by a new monoposto can i re-use all the parts from the original seat like mounting details lights etc?

    Thanks for great support!

    Do you know a site with good pricing of these monoposto seats please let me know.




  5. Can you please add more pictures of the seat?
  6. Didn't the 998 seat come with no vents in It??
  7. That was on the 998R,that seat was carbon and has no vents.

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  8. Lights can be re-used but seat and some other stuff on the underside off the seat is different from a biposto to a monoposto seat unit.

  9. i have seat unit monoposto send me pm
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