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Monster 620 Wet Clutch Plate

Discussion in 'Monster' started by michael shannon, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Hi
    any one have one of these for a monster 620 ,2004 wet clutch only need one a worn /used one is fine

  2. im pretty sure they are the same as the dry clutch ones of which i have loads of but im working away and am notoriously bad for promising to send bits and bobs so im probably of no use to ya! but if someone can confirm if they are the same it would open up things a lil as im sure loads have em kicking about..
    maybe @nelly can say if they are the same?
  4. HI
    Thank you for your reply sorry not the same only the 600ss 750ss are the same as Ducati 12 tang clutch the monsterthe 2004 620m is wet clutch drum out side diameter a few mm smaller plus you have to load the drum then offer them in to the basket unlike most clutches you slip on the. plates as the drum is already in the basket

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